Identity Sequence (2012)

Alex’s Selection: 4/1/2018 – 4/7/2018

Theme: Concept Albums

Artist: Zircon

Release Date: 11/10/2012

Runtime: 1:05:20

Label: Zircon Studios

Track Listing:

1). Genesis – 1:47
2). Arms Open Wide – 4:37
3). Million Years – 5:12
4). Neurobazaar – 4:54
5). Fabrication – 3:46
6). Identity Sequence – 5:49
7). Unity – 4:37
8). Memory – 5:05
9). Colossus – 4:30
10). The Expanse – 4:21
11). System – 5:37
12). Just Hold On – 4:56
13). No Regret – 4:26
14). The End – 5:43


1). Genesis


2). Arms Open Wide

Million Vears

Breathy, breathing serenity Lurics bu Rndreuu * Jillian Hversa

Into the ouro that surrounds me.

With arms open wide,

I feel light flowing through.
Embracing this calling
That I never Knew.

The whispering of the trees
Sounds a name.

Awaken the hum of life again.

One world apart,

One consciousness.
One life to start.

One will to test,

One wound to heal.
One claim to stake,
Gne pulse that I feel.
One chance to take.

Taking the warmth inside,
I know the melody
Will guide me.

A thousand miles from the start;
A million years in a moment;
Gathering souls carved apart;
This is the truth few have known.

The farther I draw this thread.

The deeper becomes the tapestry.

But down in the system
Where life flashes by.
I’m waiting to hear just one reply.


Talk to me, won’t you?
Talk with me, would you?

Look at me, will you?
Walk with me, can’t you?

Talk to me, won’t you?
Be with me, would you?
Look at me, will you?
Run with me, away…

Sometimes when it’s raining,
I fall on my knees,
me to taste the passing breeze.
So what would it take to shed
Vour one disguise.
To finally reach and touch the sky?

3). Million Years

4). Neurobazaar

5). Fabrication

What is this chill come over me:
fl digital reality?


Eyes of a demon,
Rgent of miscreation.
Mind of illusion.
Ghost of a fabrication.
Limbs of a titan.
Grinding the empty shell,

J Rnd this is me.
This is me…

Still, I have to go on
Fighting my fear
Till the promise of dawn
Follows it here,

Rnd an identity will rise.

6). Identity Sequence

Some voices are born of dreams –
Some not yet begun.
For those who are forged of steel, spiritless,
I must lay the foundation.

There’s a conscious defined
Wont to be free,
And it’s deep in my mind,
Calling to me.
But every time I look,
There’s nothing there, no…

Still, I have to go on
Fighting my fear
Till the promise of dawn
Follows it here,
And an identity will rise.

One pulse wave of thought evolves.
It can’t be undone.
If this current of life in my veins isn’t real,
What lies on the horizon?

7). Unity

8). Memory

9). Colossus

10). The Expanse

I hate and I love.

How can I do that , you might ash:?

I do not know, but that is what I feel.

□di et amo.

Quare id faciam, fortasse requiris?
Nescio, sed fieri sentio.

FIs long as we are among humans.
Let us be humane.

□um inter homines sumus,
Colamus humonitatem.

Death is the ultimate end of all things.

Mors ultimo linea rerum este.

11). System

12). Just Hold On

In the sea of night, where my soul is real,
Broken visions let the darkness heal,
Rnd the dream of life will surely reside.

I con hear your heart. I can touch your skin
Feel the whole world breathing from within.

I con live it here, forever inside.

Just hold on to everything I know I need this life.

Just hold on to the only place where reality survives.

From the deepest reaches, I can’t deny
I’ve been waiting here for your reply.
Can’t seem to break away from this love.

And there’s one last thought running through my mind:
Would I leave this shell – the raw confines –
All to feel another moment with you?

13). No Regret

14). The End



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