Worthless (2011)

Scott’s Selection: 2/18/2018 – 2/24/2018

Theme: Dead Bands

Artist: Weekend Nachos

Release Date: 5/17/2011

Runtime: 26:40

Label: Relapse Records

Track Listing:

1). Hometown Hero – 1:05
2). Obituary – 1:12
3). Black Earth – 1:34
4). For Life – 1:05
5). Old Friends Don’t Mean Shit – 0:40
6). Frostbitten – 0:53
7). The Meeting – 3:13
8). Worthless – 4:38
9). Friendship – 0:35
10). Jock Powerviolence – 1:34
11). The Fine Art of Bullshit – 1:22
12). Dubviolence – 0:29
13). You Could Exist Tomorrow – 0:59
14). Future – 7:21


1). Hometown Hero

you suck you know it
you cant face up
its over, its done
your time is up
abandoned us all
now no one is left
fame over friendship
now no one gives a fuck
the band broke up
what a trainwreck
you reached your peak
at twenty-three
you spit in our face
now no one’s listening
you pissed on your roots
now no one gives a fuck
get fucked

2). Obituary

bought your attitude
with daddy’s money
bought your clothes
with mommy’s card
pretty little princess
standing tall
rich and spoiled
no brains at all
fuck them kill them
hang them from a tree
I don’t have money
they don’t care about me
I bought you dinner
you laughed at my car
when I’m slitting your throat
your money wont take you far
high school is over
isn’t that scary?
now you’re just an obituary

3). Black Earth

what new charity did you
join up this week?
cry about pollution
while I kick in your teeth
stop me in the street
you should be shot
mother nature sheds a tear
as the earth rots
green turns black
forests cry
oceans bleed and rivers die
the death of a planet
filled with pussies like you
brings a smile to this fucking face
its the right thing to do
it’s what I was born to do

4). For Life

angry when it’s with me
sad when we’re apart
pain I cant live without
drug in my system
no longer clean
it’s wonderful it’s wretched
it’s a nightmare it’s a dream
same drug, different day
i’m fucked for life
i’m set for life

5). Old Friends Don’t Mean Shit

we were once like brothers
but life got in the way
now I look at you
and I have nothing to say
differences aside
we could’ve worked it all out
but apparently you’ll never
understand what i’m about
you could write a
bullshit crybaby song
or you could say it
to my fucking face
never on my side
always full of lies
this is where it ends
fucking die
old friends don’t mean shit

6). Frostbitten

seasonal hatred
no air to breathe
my body’s cold
lungs are frozen
my life’s on hold
buried deep in snow
beaten down by an ice storm
my blood stops running
but no heart attack
this nightmare ends
but it always comes back
my veins snap in half
skin dries out
cracked and bleeding
bitten by the wind
hands are burning with pain
I live in frozen hell

7). The Meeting

you thought I needed to feel more pain
took advantage of everything
left me dead at your front door
heartless fucking dirty whore
I turned my back on my best men
ignored advice from caring friends
all for someone I thought was real
a person trained to lie and steal
when we meet again
I hope you’re still the same
when we meet again
i’ll still remember your name
when we meet again
ill stare at you for a while
when we meet again
you’ll wonder why I still smile
your eyes were cold the whole time
you had no soul so you took mine

8). Worthless


9). Friendship

trust in me until the end
I mean well i’m your friend
we’ll be loved until the end
birth instincts to abuse
don’t get too close, i’ll hurt you
we were born to be abused
I am the bastard
I gain strength
as your world is ripped apart
you are beneath me
your misery is what keeps me alive

10). Jock Powerviolence

you’re right
me and my jock friends
are jumping on a trend
a style that was never cool
until you posers made your claim
man is the bastard skulls
what a surprise
you fucking wimps have
got the formula memorized
infest worship, crossed out riffs
we don’t know nothing
so please guide us
you fucking pricks
I stopped trying to be cool
a long time ago
I laugh to myself as I see you
come and go
make up rules for your
friends to live by
I’ll keep doing things my way
while you fucking cry
prove nothing to elitist children
I’ll let you talk because
I owe you nothing

11). The Fine Art of Bullshit

you think you get it
but there’s nothing to get
you think you’re right
but you cant be wrong
teach me to hide who I am
teach me to kiss your ass
the only things I ever learned
in four fucking years
is that none of you ever
knew a goddamned thing
an oxymoron of a school
a history lesson taught by a fool
your bullshit is
something I wont miss
art is what I fucking say it is

12). Dubviolence

I wasn’t meant to understand
your problem with gays
prejudice backed by religion
and a history of violent ways
so much time wasted
on another persons life
stop the fag bashing and go home
to your children and your wife
fuck homophobia
fuck intolerant culture
and fuck you

13). You Could Exist Tomorrow

noses in the air, mysterious vibe
internet is where you live your life
viva la vinyl, ebay snipe
snobs and posers feeding on hype
never see any of you at a show
parents basement is all you know
credit card buys you limited trash
reality is going to beat your ass
shitty young kids that know everything
a whole new generation
but they’re all hiding
talk more shit, laugh til you choke
you’ve turned your life into a joke

14). Future

millions slaughtered
nations brainwashed
a man too brilliant for his own good
took control of whatever he could
pure agenda with a fascist law
pain and terror and suffering caused
a shameful history
doomed to repeat itself


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