Trance of Death (2017)

Jared’s Selection: 12/31/2017 – 01/06/2018

Theme: Best of 2017

Artist: Venenum

Release Date: 3/17/2017

Runtime: 50:31

Label: Sepulchral Voice Records

Track Listing:

1). Entrance – 2:34
2). Merging Nebular Drapes – 8:51
3). The Nature of the Ground – 5:38
4). Cold Threat – 6:58
5). Trance of Death, Part I – Reflections – 7:05
6). Trance of Death, Part II – Metanola Journey – 5:17
7). Trance of Death, Part III – There Are Other Worlds… – 14:08


1). Entrance


2). Merging Nebular Drapes

Hold a vigil in seclusion – watcher of the skies
Clouds of glowing debris – remnants of demise

Towering grant spires rise from raging fires – violent stellar merger

Masked by radiation a grotesque shrouded nexus gives clandestine rebirth

Abstract shapes in the hollow – coalesce and form anew
Where death brings birth brings death – shiver and bliss

Primordial clusters lurk at the edge of time
Dreaming awake – a sight sublime

Perpetual transformation – the weaving of the web
Constant creation and dissolution of all

The great and the vast, the future, the past
Witnessed, forseen and understood at last

Recollections as infants of the nebulae
Forevermore we’re going into the stream of the stars

3). The Nature of the Ground

Grasp the unheard-of, who understands this lesson – I wish him well
Only he that rids himself forever of desires might touch the secret essence

One cannot see the seer of seeing
One cannot hear the hearer of hearing

I must let my kingdom go, make room and let my self die
Forgive my lower knowledge, my nescience to the unitive truth

I cannot see the seer of seeing
I cannot hear the hearer of hearing
I cannot understand the understander of understanding

Without dimension, without space, without time, without inside, without outside

Without tangible notion – through a void without proportion
Sorrow-stricken flying through abiding night

Sundered from existence – hollow and without consistence
Sink eternally from nothingness to nothingness

4). Cold Threat

As the sun loses the ground
Night’s caught up, all light’s been dimmed on
A strange presence, cloaked by night
Far in the distance, he keeps you in sight

You think you know, you can see whats ahead
That there’s no danger, that it’s all in your head
But soon, very soon you’ll realize
In the darkness, he’s more than meets the eye

Cold Threat! Cold Threat!

In dread of night your blood runs freezing cold
Enfiring prey of a shadow, aeons old
A sense of menace, pale with fright
Nocturnal terror, intruding your mind

Your mind, what a dangerous place
Oh, I’ve been through your pathetic little maze
I know your fears, feed off your pawn
Your thoughts once clear, now driven insane

Cold Threat! Cold Threat

Everything you see I see
Everything you touch I feel
All those little things you do
Trust me, I know them too

I took the yellow out of your sun
I stole the blue from the sky
So the day could give birth to the black that is the night

5). Trance of Death, Part I – Reflections

I’ve been drifting by like a cloud high up in the sky
Floating, but I never learned to fly
The crack in the cage that I couldn’t see

I’ve been driving for my sunken soul all life
Drowning in a pool filled with my fears

Now in the corner of the distorted screen
There’s n sense of whats real of from a dream
A strange shade keeps fading in
I lock down on me from within

All those mountains, I’ve never azcarate one
Working wonders, nothing that I have done
The sound of doom that I couldn’t hear

Burned by the light that life reflecting on me
I look back on what I was supposed to see
Echoes of the past bursting through my mind
A state of anxiety, I thought I had left behind

I’m wandering off this stirring void
Breaking out of this shell that’s long been spoiled
Lift me up, take me away
Release me of pain and agony, I shall not see another day

Out – Out are the lights
Sealed- Sealed are the holes inside my mind

6). Trance of Death, Part II – Metanola Journey


7). Trance of Death, Part III – There Are Other Worlds…

I have become close to nothing
Left my mundane vessel
Stepped out of time and space

The cycle seems to end
I begin to understand
What splendour lies beyond – infinite – immament

In a moment of clarity
The inner walls collapse
Facing singularity

Hints of the vast unknown
All order overthrown

No trace of law

Boundless abyssic womb

Veil after Veil – I head towards the clashing rocks
The lower waters hold me not

Death after Death – The stream gets stronger endlessly
Upon a timeless plane envision – I am free

There are other worlds – the horizon is found in our souls ground
Round a centre all things turn – in biddenness unfurled
Lo and behold – the curtain as it falls

There are other worlds….


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