Monotony Fields (2015)

Alex’s Selection: 11/12/2017 – 11/18/2017

Theme: Doom Metal

Artist: Shape of Despair

Release Date: 6/15/2015

Runtime: 1:14:24

Label: Season of Mist

Track Listing:

1). Reaching the Innermost – 10:32
2). Monotony Fields – 10:39
3). Descending Inner Night – 10:04
4). The Distant Dream of Life – 5:53
5). Withdrawn – 9:58
6). In Longing – 7:38
7). The Blank Journey – 11:49
8). Written in My Scars – 7:51


1). Reaching the Innermost

Even though the world
Was in our hands
And life whispered in our ears
We could only gaze
At the eager distance
That would soon live within us
The slowly emerging shapes
Of the innermost

2). Monotony Fields

Taken down
Gone my will
Touch the ground
Perpetual void
Beneath a voice
A sign from afar
Moments between
Remember still
What was sought
And not found
All that was lost
On these monotony fields
Folding in
Ever deeper
Into the undertow
Of thoughts
Drifting through
The pale landscapes
Of the withering mind
It would have been so different
Without this burden
This sense of nothingness
The lifelong defeat
That took us here
To a distance unreachable
To a grey indifference
Into these vast
Monotony fields

3). Descending Inner Night

Years of breathing
This consuming
Black sphere
That surrounds me
Life in your future
Exists not for me
All clouded
And unresolved
As I helplessly watch
The descending of
The final inner night
To see the self
All clouded
And unresolved
As I helplessly watch
The descending of
The final inner night

4). The Distant Dream of Life

Approaching form
Approaching a deeper meaning
My fragments lay scattered
Buried deep
Never awaken
Still dreaming of life
Still dreaming of life

5). Withdrawn

Now that it’s all over for me
All my words perished
All my deeds undone
All meanings withdrawn
Shattered my image
Burned my will
Now on
There is only one
Kind of silence ahead

6). In Longing

Lay the words
On open wounds
Head in hands
Dragging feet
Cortege is waiting
Moving slow
All this life force
Now fallen to stone
Your name is written
With the language
Of longing

7). The Blank Journey

Staring through
The blank dispassionate fire…
Have I given
Too much of myself
For this journey
This prolonged murder
If I was ever alive
Or existed
I felt only the night
Move inside me
The falling of shadows
That never relinquish
Or fly away

8). Written in My Scars

Salute it more
O thee great misery
Long pass deceased
Has reborn
Misleads your path
As you running
Chase the trails of misfortune

As they left you haunting
It’s darkest tragedy
As louder you cry
Through all the times repeatedly
Still louder they cry
Tarnish they betray the hearts
The curse written in my scars

It holds you
It’s sinking fast
Plain rot
Within my core
Blindfold and punished
There after seam
Harbing your requiem


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