Longing (2012)

Kevin’s Selection: 10/22/2017 – 10/28/2017

Theme: Doom Metal

Artist: Bell Witch

Release Date: 11/13/2012

Runtime: 1:10:47

Label: Profound Lore Records

Track Listing:

1). Bails (Of Flesh) – 21:17
2). Rows (Of Endless Waves) – 14:23
3). Longing (The River Of Ash) – 12:13
4). Beneath The Mask – 6:17
5). I wait – 12:49
6). Outro – 3:38


1). Bails (Of Flesh)

cold empty space
need to touch (present life)
thy life is none
for thy soul burns

hate for will
my grief will be avenged

bailing the grass
timeless grasp
smolder the bones
horror on the stones

roped hands
are raking air
slight of life

fate stands
its wicked snare
a needle of life

bail me
like rows of hay
a needle of life

cold… hate…

cold empty space
hate for will
for thy soul burns
they grief will be avenged

2). Rows (Of Endless Waves)

flood, flood, denied
echo of suffering
hold (blue) ghost

the lay of the land
wont see where you stand
on waves far from sand
on them you tremble

and master of rains
sends liquefied grains
to ride ocean pains
to nowhere at all
and nothing to borrow
and nowhere to follow
nowhere at all
nameless and frayed…

rows and rows

winter of life to know
beating hearts on stone
pulsing out in rows
carve my eyes in stone
hang my skin in rows
weathered like a throne

and drowning
no hope for existence
breath blood

if they would beach you these waves of destruction
would only collapse you and leave you to lie
on peasant tread landing where youd have a hand in
the death of a million for only a lie where strengthened youd try
to torture the masses and sink them in chains to
this river enslaving that never runs dry
death wielding reach of rehumanised fingers
that grasp as they bludgeon the helpless that writhe if only to cry
if they would reach you the stain of destruction
would flow on as endless from landing so wide
and battles would rage you and war would not fail to
drain blood from the masses and leave to lie where death circles high
where plundered the buildings and burning the forests
youd rage drunk with power and cripple the wise
so here we will leave you on waves far from shore
fleshless and barren these waves to enslave you so your victims can rise

3). Longing (The River Of Ash)

hanging like glass
eternity of ash

longing still
but never will
sever the past
to breath at last

hanging low
buried like snow
fire burns past
a river of ash

a river of ash

longing still
but never will
sever the past
to breath at last

a river of ash

4). Beneath The Mask

The dialogue is sampled from the scene in “The Masque of the Red Death” (1964 film) when Prospero meets the Red Death in the Black Room.

Red Death: Prospero. You command me to wait? Very well. I wait.
Prospero: Condotti? Rimini? Who are you beneath your mask?
Red Death: Is my costume such a disguise that you don’t recognize me?
Prospero: Your voice is familiar. Dr. Bernelli, that’s who you are. Bernelli, you dog, thinking to… You are not Bernelli.
Red Death: No. The doctor dances in the white room. But I passed close by him. Truly, Prospero, you don’t know me?
Prospero: So you’ve come.
Red Death: Yes, Prospero.
Prospero: [To Francesca] On your knees.
Francesca: Prospero!
Prospero: [To Francesca] On your knees. [To Red Death] The Prince of Darkness. I would like to see your face.
Red Death: There is no face of death until the moment of your own death. And I am only one of many messengers.
Prospero: Who do you come for?
Red Death: Many.
Prospero: All?
Red Death: Not all.
Prospero: I knew I was right. I knew it. I’ve won.
Red Death: The time of unmasking. They begin to show their naked faces.

5). I wait

still waiting

still waiting

every man creates his own god

wearing them all

beneath the mask

6). Outro



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