Deathless (2014)

Kevin’s Selection: 9/24/2017 – 9/30/2017

Theme: Cool Artwork

Artist: Revocation

Release Date: 10/14/2014

Runtime: 52:30

Label: Metal Blade Records

Track Listing:

1). A Debt Owed to the Grave – 4:51
2). Deathless – 4:56
3). Labyrinth of Eye – 4:45
4). Madness Opus – 6:23
5). Scorched Earth Policy – 3:47
6). The Blackest Reaches – 4:06
7). The Fix – 3:13
8). United in Helotry – 5:13
9). Apex – 5:12
10). Witch Trials – 6:03
11) Sworn to the Black – 4:01


1). A Debt Owed to the Grave

Life extinguished in it’s prime
Summoned by the bell’s strident chime
A bemoaning family laments
An Obolus the payment for a life that has been spent

Silent and stiff
In Rigor Mortis’ grip

The die is cast
How quickly one’s time can elapse
The ferryman will take you on your way
The coin’s been passed
Empty is your hourglass
In a lightless chamber the cold slab awaits

Stained sheets, the darkest shade of crimson
Bloated by the onset of decomposition
No one will mourn over his death
An Obol forced inside your mouth before your final breath

Silent and stiff
No tears shed for a life now forfeit

(Solo: Dave)

A debt owed to the grave
A debt we all must pay

2). Deathless

Driven off course
Embrace entropy, a life of chaos
So many diverging paths with so many dead ends
An oath of blood
A pact of the initiated
For this life we’ve been condemned

Free from the shackles of conformity
With reckless abandon we shun stability
Traversing day and night across expanses vast
We journey forth with the strength of the wind at our backs

Deathless the fire burns on and on
Ceaseless we ride into the dawn
No turning back we’re too far gone
Deathless the fire burns

Night after night
Witness the decibel ritual
Sacrificing ourselves upon this altar of sin
Nocturnally devoted to the cause of blasphemy
Heathens awaiting the black mass to begin

It was never a choice
No glory for madmen
The blood of the insane boils in our veins
Through all the trials and tribulations
Still we remain

3). Labyrinth of Eye

Eyes unblinking, affixed on us all
Feed the data stream
Glowing pupils like voracious maws
Stalking hungrily

Purging us of every intimacy, undying is their vigilance
Rendition extraordinary, suppressing the dissidents

Followed by orbs of glass
Watching our every move

Trapped within their digital gaze
Ensnared in a binary web
Optic fibers growing like tendrils
Lurking overhead

A maze of surveillance with no exit in sight
Surrounded by sentinels, nowhere to hide

Confined in this labyrinth of eyes
Hunted and dehumanized

4). Madness Opus

It beckons to me, a being of immense and terrifying power
A portal to a dimension of chaos lies just beyond my window
Hungrily it feeds, eagerly swallowing souls of thousands
I prepare this first movement to combat the unknown

No one must know my secret
I’ll take a life to keep it
I cannot rest until this final demon is defeated
My nightly ritual
A captivated minstrel
This is the madness in which I dwell

Curtains drawn, candles lit, contorted shadows cast
Staring into the maw of the void
Where infernal incisors endlessly gnash

A blasphemous sonata echoes throughout the halls
Reverberations in the interdimensional gateway
The abomination demands an encore
A rhapsodist to this galactic titan enslaves

Cosmic horror beyond infinite time
Entranced by the melodies perverted and sublime
A caprice for the beast
An amorphous entity’s malign lullaby

5). Scorched Earth Policy

Weaponized to neutralize
Always on patrol
Under constant surveillance
Their need for control
Automaton gaining sentience
A glitch in the system
Raining down hellfire on innocent civilians

Now we’re all just dots on a screen
Just blips on a radar
The human race is obsolete
Total extermination

Cold and calculated
Prowler of the skies
Ceaseless in its devotion
The ever watchful eye

All organic life forms will perish in their wake
There will be no survivors on our judgement day

All the failsafes have failed
Welcome to the new regime
The only law of the land
A scorched earth policy

6). The Blackest Reaches

Confined in darkness, where light dares not tread
The sphere lies suspended and undisturbed
I curse that fateful day within that foul old church
The day that this curse was first incurred

What lies inside the blackest reaches of one’s own mind?
Primal and divine, an entity unbound by all space and time

…And so the visions came again
Blackened vortices spiraling with no end
Staring from the shining trapezohedron
The three lobed burning eye

I see the darkness in the light
Now the two become one
Enthroned upon the seat of ultimate chaos
He who cannot be named


7). The Fix

A staged play years in the making
Arm your scapegoat then flip the switch
Thousands march towards beckoning graves
While profits are harvested hand over fist

A system designed with controlling intent
Cannot be changed from within
The illusion of choice, a coin with one side
The fix is in

Beholden to their corporate masters
Politicians privatizing genocide
Condolences offered by the same who pulled the trigger
With unblinking eyes

Sociopathic parasites licking their fingers clean
How many times must history repeat?

8). United in Helotry

Content within your inner prison
Divisive deadening of all the senses

Rank and file
Marching endlessly
United in mental helotry

Solidarity destroyed
What incentive is left to resist?
Spite will have to suffice
Your apathy turns my knuckles white

Starved faculties of imagination
You gorge on banalities then ask for seconds

Rank and file
Marching endlessly
United in helotry

No sight beyond your blinders
Devoted to this beaten path

9). Apex


10). Witch Trials

Their leery whispers feed the hysteria
A vile covenant in service of Satan
Forced to confess then condemned to die
The vulgar Christians demanding a sacrifice
To a god that never was and never will be

A plea for sanity falls upon deafened ears
A call for judgement as their execution draws near
Sentenced to death
All twenty and eight
Hung by their necks
A shallow grave their final resting place

No salvation at the end of the hangman’s noose
No mercy for the coven of the cloven hoof
He who refuses to confess to his crimes
Will meet a torturous end
Pressed slowly to death under metal and stone
A dire fate for the condemned

Malleus Maleficarum
That foul and ancient tome
Hammer of the witches
Lost souls forever roam

11) Sworn to the Black

Spawn of the ever rolling abyss
Ever espousing unluminous
Charred soul – Burned at rebirth
Quest not save the death of the sun

Repulsed by the light
Heart pumping ice
So cold to this world
Reclude until the summoning
Sworn to the black

Our father begotten, not made
Before all legends of man
Receive my loyalty, my offering
In my veins; the blood of the ancient brood
Summon me

Burning inside, I feel the call
Blood of the Ancient Ones now boils
At war – War with the race
Father rise and the world be one

Repulsed by the light
No feeling for life
Drained of my being
I lie dead but still I’m sworn


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