The End (2016)

Jared’s Selection: 5/14/2017 – 5/20/2017

Theme: LP under 25 minutes

Artist: Desolated

Release Date: 2/5/2014

Runtime: 24:34

Label: Beatdown Hardwear

Track Listing:

1). The Beginning – 3:39
2). Numb – 2:38
3). Therapy – 2:14
4). Invasion – 2:55
5). Psychosis – 3:04
6). Olanzapine – 0:33
7). Withdrawal – 2:33
8). The End – 3:22
9). Relapse – 2:32
10). Out of Luck – 1:04


1). The Beginning

I am a victim swallowed by the world
It’s over
I’ve walked the road to the bitter end
It’s a road I’ll never walk again
It’s over
This moment I realize it’s time to leave the fucking past behind

I took a walk to a bridge just to watch the trains go past
Take the step off the ledge
This thought that’s running through my head
Go away my master
I let it in one way out
These walls are closing faster
Get out of this place

A victim I wasn’t supposed to be
But this time it get the best of me

I let the devil in, now there’s no way out
I live with this disease
I’m done I’m counting down the fucking days
Filled with anxiety to the worst degree
I can’t escape this place
The end
There’s nothing left for me

It’s over
It’s time to start again
This is the end

I am a victim swallowed by the world
It’s time to start again

You’re not a victim, you’re a worthless piece of shit
You’re just a coward, obey your master
Get on your knees, eyes peeled, dreaming at the end
Knife to your wrist, drowning red, begging for the end
You’re not a victim, you’re a fucking waste of life
You think like this and now you’re fucking pay for it
Bow to me, I’m in control
You let me in, this is mind control

2). Numb

Save from myself
Got my eyes on the prize
Got the knife to my wrist like it’s no surprise
God help me
Leave this place behind
Can’t keep talking myself it’ll be alright

At this time of need
All I want, all I need is to be free
Save from myself

It’s time to say goodbye
No one knows cause I’m living a lie
Knife still to my wrist praying wishing I’ll die
Should I leave this place, I can’t decide

Never alone in the dark
I will feel his eyes till the day that I die
To be free that’s the dream
Please help me, I beg and I please

At this time of need
All I want, all I need is to be free
Save from myself

I’ve become so fucking numb
No luck

3). Therapy

I’m so alone, you said you’d never leave
You left me with nothing but this fucking memory
You turn back on me, I’m fucking slipping away
I’m left with the devil, all I’ve got is therapy

I’m so low, I feel broken
An endless battle, I’m losing my focus
Take this pain away from me
I can’t go on, I’m losing my focus

I’m losing my focus
I don’t want no pills, no medication
I have free will my master is voiceless

I swear I’ll take this pain and wash it all away
These times are getting tough
Life is fucking rough
Pray for me

4). Invasion

So fucking paranoid
Reality be lost again
I am lost in my reality
This is no delusion, you lied to my face
It’s a way of life, it’s the only way

5). Psychosis


6). Olanzapine

Let myself down one too many times
Feel victim to my fucking mind
So close to living a life without this devil walking to my side
I’ve tried to leave it behind
How can I face this on my own ?
It’s time to step away
19 years lost count of days
I’ve wasted so much time

Counting the days, wasting away
Can’t wait to get the fuck out of this place
It’s been so long, where do I turn ?
The choice is slim, I refuse to fucking drown
Set myself free
Gotta break these chains, it’s time to leave
Too much of this living hell
Can I make a change, only time will tell
I dream of serenity, a peaceful place is where I need to be
Instead I’m left in the dark
All alone one place to turn

Olanzapine when will you save me ?

You’re out of choice, no where left to turn
You’ll never understand, you’ll never learn
Deal with the Reaper
Before he drags you out deeper

7). Withdrawal

Sleepless nights alone by myself
Withdrawl I’m living in hell
Trapped, a victim of my mind
Relapse, a matter of time
Can’t concentrate
Escape the agitation
I feel this way
Prescibe the medication
Give me my space

8). The End

By the things that I’ve learnt
It all turns to dust
Always drifting never slipping away
I can’t stop, you’re always in my face
I keep trying but you push me away
Can’t take a minute of this fucking place
Just step back
Take a moment
Take a look in my eyes
And realize what I see is what I fucking despise

You can’t tie me down
Now I’m bound

Everything that I love
It all turns to dust
Everything that I loath, it’s grabbing hold of me
My life is pain and it’s bringing me down
I can’t see the person that I used to be

It’s time to bury the past
And let the choices stop counting my judgement
Out of luck

9). Relapse

Trapped in this wicked mind
Relapse it’s a matter of time
The end seems so far
I’ve tried so fucking hard
I bane this fucking plague
Goddam I can’t escape
Since birth, blessed with a curse
Back to this place again

These eyes on the back on my mind
It’s only a matter of time
Too many voices in my head
I think it’s time I up and left
I wish I’d shut the door
I wish I had it all
I upred and left

Can’t ever explain these traits
Never escape
The end will it come ?
It’s been so fucking long
How long will I have to wait
I know you can’t relate
I want to be alone
It’s about time, I want to change

My mind’s a prison and I’m doing time
Nothing’s ok and I’ll never be fine
Too many times in this fucking place
What is next ? Bring forth the end

10). Out of Luck



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