Odd Fellows Rest (1998)

Jared’s Selection: 4/16/2017 – 4/22/2017

Theme: Sludge

Artist: Crowbar

Release Date: 7/7/1998

Runtime: 54:08

Label: Mayhem

Track Listing:

1). Intro – 1:24
2). Planets Collide – 4:38
3). …And Suffer as One – 4:12
4). 1,000 Year Internal War – 4:02
5). To Carr the Load – 4:03
6). December’s Spawn – 5:11
7). It’s All in the Gravity – 4:14
8). Behind the Black Horizon – 6:02
9). New Man Born – 4:47
10). Scattered Pieces Lay – 5:23
11). Odd Fellows Rest – 6:08
12). On Frozen Ground – 4:00


1). Intro


2). Planets Collide

Swollen eyes that bleed for you
Cold steel bars I’m watching thru
You’ve been baptized in a lake of tears
Crucified yourself with your own fears

But you learn from what’s killing you
[And] this time it’s real
Beyond your prayers
Too numb to feel
Beyond your prayers

Deepest darkest thoughts you dream
Curing’s harder than it seems
Slave to no one but your misery
Broken man lies where you used to be

Now watch the planets collide

3). …And Suffer as One

Following your head might be a long, long road to nowhere
Don’t dwell on the past
You’ve got to find the strength to lead you

Hear my words now
Suffer with me
Drown in despair
Set yourself free

Underneath your skin is there enough to keep you breathing?
I drew my own blood another life through this transfusion

Born again in time you’re not alone in what you’re feeling

4). 1,000 Year Internal War

Reborn I drain from inside
Cleanse me now sever the ties
All gone dissolved from my life
Uprise pray for your demise
Your demise

Carry me home
To where I want to be
Please take me home

Before this internal war
I had no use to abhor
My hand will lead me from here
Burning for 1000 years

All these years

Internal war
Internal war

5). To Carr the Load

Under that smile, behind those eyes I see it all
Your words breed lies, you cry for sympathy
Sometimes the truth unleashes more than you can take
Lost world, lost hope, lost vision, killing you

Don’t kill before it grows

Throughout this all, you’ve learned a lot from me still it grows
That weight you bear is destined to crush your everything
Through time through pain my yearning has never ever wanned
Be strong, believe, the beauty it lies within your dreams

6). December’s Spawn

You’re december’s spawn
Agony you hold within you
Since the dawn of time
You’re compelled to do what you do
Broken skin so dry
Burning lungs, I breathe so slowly
I can’t see the sun
I can’t see it, feel it

Gone from heaven to hell
And it’s oh so cold
Raining darkness and pain

Bastard child be gone
Bring me warmth and light one more time

I can’t see the sun
I can’t see it, feel it

7). It’s All in the Gravity

Cradle your head to lessen the blow
On the horizon’s where the answer lies
My soul is hungry to feel the energy
I get my power from the gravity

Lasting image is frozen in time
I see the sky and live another day
Unending journey fueled by the energy
I feel the pressure suffocating me

Find the answer

Just know the truth lies in the gravity

8). Behind the Black Horizon

Behind the black borizon
Believed, believed in all you told me
The need, the need to grow it holds me
Below, below my spirit’s twisting the truth
I found the truth was missing

Somehow, somehow I know I’ll find it
To hide I’d never hid behind it
My faith, sometimes I feel it sliding
The sun behind the black horizon

Bring it down
Bring it down

9). New Man Born

My way right way
Dark haze long daze

Feel it pulling me
Thru life thru pain
I burn for this hell on earth

Saw it coming for a long time
Saw it coming for a long time
Now I’ve given you
Now I’ve given you all you could ever need

I’ve given you all you could ever need

Been crushed been fucked
Been used
New man born from all of this
Saw it coming for a long time
Saw it coming for a long time

10). Scattered Pieces Lay

Broken dreams scattered pieces lay
Pulling the plug wash the life away
Underneath far into my soul
Grinding teeth throw the dirt into the hole

I walk into the light now into it

Eulogy left me feeling cold
Burning me burning mind explodes

Torn apart life drawn from my soul
Bury me throw the dirt into the hole

Love all is gone away

11). Odd Fellows Rest

Soul searching for lost innocence
I feel it coming, coming in waves
Created my own world
The angels they carry me
It’s such a long way home

12). On Frozen Ground

Never never
I won’t follow you
Curse you through and through
Live my life until the of time comes

Straining paining
See through all your lies
Your pathetic cries
Suicide lack of pride
Dig your grave for you
Despise all you do


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