Thorns (2001)

Jared’s Selection: 3/19/2017 – 3/25/2017

Theme: Industrial

Artist: Thorns

Release Date: 3/5/2001

Runtime: 48:03

Label: Moonfog Productions

Track Listing:

1). Existence – 4:11
2). World Playground Deceit – 7:07
3). Shifting Channels – 6:16
4). Stellar Master Elite – 3:52
5). Underneath the Universe 1 – 7:49
6). Underneath the Universe 2 – 7:29
7). Interface to God – 4:35
8). Vortex – 6:44


1). Existence

It clings to your mind
Like a phantasmal leech
Nesting itself deep within
The substance of your soul

Demanding every second
Of your prying attention
In the continual search
For the methods to reveal

The ultimate secrets
Of existence

Infects in your blood
It’s magnificent seed
Preparing the symbiose union
It feeds you to grow

It crawls along the surface
Of your reality’s cocoon
Impatiently awaiting
The miracle of birth

The parasite completes its cyclus of life

2). World Playground Deceit

As you surrender to the virginborn
and as you bow in faithful devotion
To the golden laws of manmade instinct
We take [a long good] look in the crystal ball

And we see nothing but clouds
In that rotten kaleidoscope reflection
The planet’s own cradle of worms
How can anyone ever triumph?

What were you, what will you be?
We can no longer tell
If you ceased to exist
Would we mourn or remember you?

Would we mourn?
Could we remember?
You lose now
As if winning
was your game…
He who knows
who have seen
and have made
Playground Deceit
Imaginary love
Shameless joy
Ravishing grin
Pointed finger
Disdainful might

We turn away
no longer caring

3). Shifting Channels

Shifting channels
A corroded smile
Sleepless murderer in the hallway
This change of seasons is final

Useless climate, staring at me
Yearning to be free
The unpredictable sense of a short road
An epidemic that comprehends

Vindictive presence, conceived by me
The ultimate empathy
The melting hand controls me
Evidently he will kill me

A splendid parasite
In the wounded gesture of incompetence
Swore to intoxicate the monster
A spellbinder underneath the sky

4). Stellar Master Elite

Magnificent creatures of glory
We’ve climbed down from the stars
to stand [shining] before you as idols
in splendour and perfection

Supreme luminous beings
warrior-sons from the sky
lunarborn daughters of pleasure
we are the triumph of creation

Starmatter shapes of power
cast from the seed of the gods
as instruments of perfection
We are sovereignty in flesh

Radiant race of pure beauty
shaped perfectly as the pagan beasts
In elegance we welcome our future
As stellar master elite

ah… in glory
ah… we shine
we revel in our time

We are sovereignty in flesh
Radiant race of pure beauty
we revel in our time
As stellar master elite

5). Underneath the Universe 1


6). Underneath the Universe 2

Recognition, coiled in marestreams
Used as material to drop from the sky
I welcome you to the land of choice
I seek shelter from these angry stars

Nailed to confession, I speak of friction
The blunt shuffled pattern in the centre of his brain
As fear takes control and delirium is fulfilled
No longer provided with this lonely fury

Anxiety, ruling the spawn of corrosion
The force of gravity will soon abolish
I am a curl and a vomit pearl
And soon I will be taken

A permanent rape of the wistful element
A carnival elephant dancing on the clouds
Two times the killer that created the betrayer
He stood there and watched it all

But in his paradise, logic came to visit
A mythic creature with beauty in its voice
And gave him instructions on how to prevail
And overcome the panic of his twisted reality

7). Interface to God

A glimpse of its structure
Its ever altering axis
Another venturer [of the mind]
Entangled forever

Like space embraces earth,
death embrace your life
Preparing a transition
Beyond the limits of [human] comprehension

Quaking dimensions
Demented mensch
Open your eyes!
To a higher order of conspiracy

A formula to enhance
Your true inner ugliness
Operational instructions
For your interface to God

In a somewhat greater perspective of time
You are practically non-existent
so reach through the angry crimson of this dawn
To my eternal starfield domain

8). Vortex

My eye is the vortex from which nothing escapes
I am dematerialization of the self
I am the axis in the wheel of reincarnation
The endless singularity

I turn the spirals of existence
I am the slowing pace of life
I am the pulse of creation,
of inevitability and destruction

I balance the shifting tides of life
Everything must return to me

I am the beginning
and I am the end


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