3rd Eye Vision (1998)

Alex’s Selection: 11/07/16 – 11/12/16

Theme: Hip Hop

Artist: Hieroglyphics

Release Date: 3/24/1998

Runtime: 70:26

Label: Hieroglyphics Imperium

Track Listing:

1). Intro – 1:14
2). You Never Knew – 4:33
3). All Things – 3:19
4). Casual – 1:37
5). The Who – 4:29
6). Dune Methane – 4:02
7). Phesto – 1:35
8). At the Helm – 4:18
9). The Last One – 3:26
10). Tajai – 1:41
11). Oakland Blackouts – 4:31
12). Mics of the Roundtable – 4:42
13). See Delight – 3:24
14). Pep Love – 2:15
15). Off the Record – 3:21
16). A-Plus – 1:24
17). After Dark – 4:23
18). Opio – 1:21
19). No Nuts – 4:04
20). Del – 1:14
21). One Life, One Love – 4:02
22). Miles to the Sun – 5:39


1). Intro 


2). You Never Knew

(You never knew)
It’s like that and a, a Hieroglyphics, yeah
(And you know)
It’s like that and a, a Hieroglyphics, yeah

(You never knew)
It’s like that and a, a Hieroglyphics, yeah
(And you know)
It’s like that and a, a Hieroglyphics, yeah
(You never knew)
It’s like that and a, a Hieroglyphics, yeah
(And you know)
It’s like that and a, a Hieroglyphics, yeah

(together) Hiero, y’all…

[Verse 1: A-Plus and Opio]
It’s not a wrong thing
To be addicted to the microphone like a heroin fiend
I’ll tell you one thing:
You’ll never catch me fronting
As I proceed to give the people what they wanting
You’re making some green…
But not for glamour or fashion
I’m stacking cash until I can get Moms a mansion
All from rapping?
Nah, man, there’s many plans
Like investing in land
It started all from impressing the fans
With brand new flows
And you know
All the way from gangsta clones to weirdos
Fools used those
But we ain’t tripping
Give respect when you see this
You need us
Or your rhymes underdevelop like a fetus

Those that know not doze
And it shows
When we broke out the knock
Hoes hopped out they clothes
That’s positive feedback
Yep, The Prose
I’m poised, we never pose, you’ll never know
From ’93 til infinity we’ve been inventive
Creating the bump is our only incentive
And it’s been a long time since I feel I’ve been felt
But the only thing I fear is fear itself
So you know what we gots to do
Maybe could we keep it within the crew
Like it should be?
Never givin’ out
We’re livin’ out our dreams
If there’s something I can’t live without
That’s my team
You never knew…

[Verse 2: Phesto]
Hip-hop is vintage
Underground like silos
Launching long-range ballistics
World-renowned, we ground-breaking
Musical boundaries
Runnin’ circles around emcees

(You never knew)
It’s like that and a, a Hieroglyphics, yeah
(And you know)
It’s like that and a, a Hieroglyphics, yeah
(You never knew)
It’s like that and a, a Hieroglyphics, yeah
(And you know)
It’s like that and a, a Hieroglyphics, yeah
It’s like…

[Verse 3: Phesto]
Hip-hop is vintage
Underground like silos
Launching long-range ballistics
World-renowned, we ground-breaking
Musical boundaries
Runnin’ circles around emcees

[Verse 4: Del]
Del, been rhyming for more than a decade
Onto the next stage, while emcees need aid
Stay paid, I’m still grade-A
None of that tomfoolery
As you can see this shit ain’t nothing new to me
Utterly hovering over other things material
You’re stuck in the here and now
Plus you’re sweating profusely here’s a towel
Your fears are now reality
When I take your dream states
And elaborate on how your team’s fake
Like phony IDs, but sometimes I feel like
Only I see through the charade you’ve made
In today, but hey, tomorrow it’s played
And then they got a new fool in your place to be okayed

[Verse 5: Tajai]
Hip-hop is vintage
Invented in days back
Rekindling in ways that many thought was lost
In this contemporary maze of methods to floss
We finding trees and trails to blaze
Boundaries to cross
We can be found beyond the bounds of reason
Or earthbound, heatin’ up the Coliseum

[Verse 6: Opio]
They rushed the stage full-throttle in Chicago
Our brains interlocked
Where fakin’ emcees get caught with the 40-bottle
Or get their chains snatched, pronto
We unstoppable, droppin’ flows in Toronto
Maneuverin’ through Vancouver and on to Japan
Where they put major grands in my hand

[Verse 7: Phesto]
Straight from the heart we set apart from the rest an’
Our perfection on the microphone was predestined
World-renowned, we ground-breaking
Musical boundaries
Runnin’ circles around emcees

(You never knew)
It’s like that and a, a Hieroglyphics, yeah
(And you know)
It’s like that and a, a Hieroglyphics, yeah
(You never knew)
It’s like that and a, a Hieroglyphics, yeah
(And you know)
It’s like that and a, a Hieroglyphics, yeah
It’s like…

(You never knew)
It’s like that and a, a Hieroglyphics, yeah
(And you know)
It’s like that and a, a Hieroglyphics, yeah
It’s like…

It’s like that and a, a Hieroglyphics, yeah
It’s like that and a, a Hieroglyphics, yeah
It’s like..
It’s like that and a, a Hieroglyphics, yeah
It’s like that, a Hieroglyphics, yeah
It’s like..
A Hieroglyphics, yeah
It’s like.(yeah)

3). All Things 

Chorus: repeat 2X

All things, ain’t, what they seem
You’ll get washed; even if you’re way too clean

I was ridin’ around the Lake gettin’ smoked last night
Seen a gang of businessmen pilin’ out the Scottish Rite
It was just lascivious, cuz ducked in the three-way
Givin those ridiculous handshakes to the PD and the DA
But I’m hip to the sign language it’s just an exchange
Of the blood brotherhood who remains nameless
But to me y’all famous, and I got game just the same
Man it floods my brain, ya can’t frame us

[Pep Love]
They got plans, plots and schemes
Like a dope fiend tryin to get that ice cream cola
My nigga hold up, things is not as they seem
You get washed; even if you’re way too clean

[Pep Love]
Deceptions inception and interception of our direction
Is intertwined with what goes on in our minds
Take a look at your reflection
What you perceive is based on what you believe is true
Shackled and chained and thinkin you as free
As a eagle in the sky – need I remind you?
The pen is an inkwell, niggas is slaves
Even if we not locked up, we on our way

They got plans, plots and schemes
Like a dope fiend tryin to get that ice cream cola
[Pep Love]
My nigga hold up, things is not as they seem
You’ll get washed; even if you’re way too clean


[Pep Love]
I’m bent like a Slinky, where the hoes at?
Just got paid, pockets on fat
Friday night, everything is right
Til Opio hung a left then I seen his lights (siren)
But we “B-Legit” like “The Savage”
We da shit, got L’s and a pocket full of cabbage
One time did a search and found we had scratch
Itched it and took us downtown
Matched ..

.. descriptions of two individuals who just did a bank heist
Small timin shanked the guard twice in his neck
A Purple Heart Vietnam vet
They test me and eye-witness fingered out Pep
So the next logical step was: I drove the getaway
Accessory to murder, court date set for May
Put my ass in North County on set for Pelican Bay
And since I’m not Orenthal J., I can’t pay
Shapiro the dinero to get away clean
A nigga got twenty years though, know what I mean?

[Pep Love]
They got plans, plots and schemes
Like a dope fiend tryin to get that ice cream cola
My nigga hold up, things is not as they seem
You get washed; even if you’re way too clean


“Does anybody know what the situation is?
Do you know what we can do and what we can’t do?
What we can say and what we can’t say?
I don’t know that anymore
And I don’t have enough time to go and research all the laws
So I’m in the position
That the only thing I can say about that is FUCKIT.”

4). Casual

Welllllll alright hold tight
My rhymes are bright bold light shining on MC’s who bite
Impairing the eyesight, quite a few niggas feel it
But conceal it, I need to get a club
To stop them from stealing it

Some of them Hiero principalities
Gotta light it up like a pyro amongst dry leaves
Sucka niggas in denial and I know why
Cause they never seen a rival who rhyme so fly
In defense of, in the sense of rockin the mic
With intents of invoking my unspoken title
Rhymes are shinin like the finest diamonds
I guess I’m liable for what they do to a rival
Hip-Hop survival, soaring like a spiral
Rotating rough rhymes with no hatin, while you
Niggas actin silly like, “So Casual hard?”
They ain’t knowin that I’m sewin up the block like the National Guard
I be doin the saaame shit, most niggas do
I’ll blast a nigga ass quick as you
But that’s not what I’m about, you can put me in a rhymin bout
Turn it out with-out no problem
MC’s is like chemicals, watch me dissolve em
Petty individuals infestin hip-hop
I leave em all over the floor like cigar intestines
You better count your blessings, it amounts to less
Than zero, the Hiero hero
Hieroglyphic sequence hittin with rhymes that are regal
And we know…

Hey now, c’mon huh (HIERO)
C’mon c’mon (HIERO)
What you say? (GLYPHICS)

It’s on in this motherfucker, yeah

5). The Who 

As long as you don’t put too much on it

Verse 1 [Del, Opio, Phesto, Pep Love, Phesto, Del, Opio, Phesto]

Tonight we got the mic on cruise

With more luck than horseshoes

While we fuse together like Bruticus
We move with ten ton thrusters

The cosmopolitan cosmonaut up in your knot again like aneurysms
Expand with wisdom

Musical mannerisms are parallel to cannibalism
And animal instinct that’s in sync

Distinct, leaving suckas extinct when we combine
The gravity hella fine, physics of mind

Inebriating, leave you gaping open
Nothing’s safe in Oakland
It’s potent and murder is the slogan but

We showing you the erosion of the stereotypical
Itching to pull the trigger on niggas
This is all original

And brand new, fidgeting with tracks that are rigid and
Pigeonholin rappers while collectin’ dividends at the door

Ya’ know [ECHOES] [Opio]

And that’s how it goes [Del]

CHORUS [Del the Funky Homosapien]

Who? Who? Who? Who?
Who the entertainers stompin’ through like cross-trainers?
Can’t be no plainer
The remainders couldn’t never be that one
Pack em in by millions attendance is platinum

Who? Who? Who? Who?
Who the innovators who stimulate like vibrators
With rhymes so major
Ya’ need us to rock a show, hit the pager
Niggas catch vapors when our lyrics hit the paper

Verse 2 [Del the Funky Homosapien]

Once again in your dimension, tension personified
Del and Hieroglyphics pollenize
We don’t apolgize for getting places packed back-to-back
Our rank cranks just about any function
While your memory file is blank
No hankey-pankey jankey stuff going
Down over here no forms of raps eroding

My styles fluctuate like the Dow Jones average
While they stay savage
My cassette change shape and transform like ravage or rumble
Make the earth crumble and separate
Fallin’ to the underground
Get into your head like a metal plate
While you sit and wait for these niggas on TV, they hella fake
Hieroglyphics, they can never escape us
The eagle eye, Mach 1 breed, mic crusaders

[Pep Love]
Yes indeed, intuition is the tool in which I use
When enriching you with original stylistics
And the Hieroglyphic ritual is too habitually blowin up
With ballistic attacks
Let me just deal with the facts
Niggas keep it real in they raps which are not realistic
Perfection and our poetical competitive edge
Is just a reflection of how we feel shit

This history’s impressionist microphone specialist
Catchin’ bids for putting MCs parts in my fridge

[Phesto Dee]
The grand inquisitor, exquisite to the osteo
My prodigal product a diabolical melodics
Aquatic is nautical
Motion, Hiero, kenetic flotation so fuck ya phony radio rotation
My colossal might on the mic is optimum
Hip-hop from the Sequoia Heights populous
Gamma rays like Bruce Banner
Phase your scanner
With mind over matter I slap the curls out you girl scouts…ya know

CHORUS [Del the Funky Homosapien]

Who? Who? Who? Who?
Are these originators rippin’ cuts like sabers
In the hands of Darth Vader
The remainders couldn’t never be that one
Pack em in by millions attendance is platinum
Who? Who? Who? Who? Who?
Who the innovators who stimulate like vibrators
With rhymes so major
Ya’ need us to rock a show, hit the pager
Niggas catch vapors when our lyrics hit the paper

Yeah, Ahh

6). Dune Methane 

Rappers sellin out for the money and fame
But I just keep on dune methane
I just keep on dune methane

They only know colonial ways
Anything that my homie okays
Is all right these days
Display recklessness, whose tek is this
Pointed in the window of ya coupe Lexuses
Follow me on my Exodus
My poetics will earn the respect of thus
An individual crushing hypocritical nothings
Like aluminum cans
Put me on the mic and I’m doomin em
Operation: MC Intimidation
Occupation: rock the place then leave relieved
The masta John, large like a mastodon
In charge of the class Cas is on
Some whole new shit than you bastards on
Bitten my old style while smash was gone
My infallible flows will swallow you hoes
Rappin bout cars and clothes you need to kill it

[Hook 2X]

I’m voices in your subconscious, knots in your intestines
Crescent moon attack stance if you glance at the mic
I’m unlike all types
Can’t make the brain connections they need more gigabytes
I hit em twice…iced em, cold like liquid nitrogen
They need vitamins and ginseng
If you fencing with these you get stabbed in the heart
Me, I’m like the Highlander
Tapping the soul of my enemies, capturing their energies
Disappear from the stage like the vanisher
Grabbin the mic and drive a spike right through the center
For these niggas all sequenced up like the spinners
I get the crowd high like paint thinners
And watch weak crews, crackle and splinter
They can’t tackle the impenetrable sound
Sciences of Hieroglyphics even with assault rifles
And silencers, M-16s ain’t hitting nothing
When we corrupting rappers
Togetherness like alpha flight when we write
The unmistakable interaction in your ears, outta sight
Fightin in a circle, we workin the mic 2 deep
Pass that mothafucka so I can sink my teeth in
Center myself, then I walk through the flames
AKA The Mangler, feelin no pain
No stranger to the danger room I’m in-tune
Meditation, blood coursin through my veins
So the thoughts came interlaced with the taste of victory
I’m slippery, rippin these niggas apart
From start to finish…and it don’t stop (Keep on)

[Hook 2X]

Put Toure on the mixer, smooth as an elixir plus
The meritorious flows of us
Get a glorious response you’re boring next to Jon
I’m the only individual not capable of having a prime-time
Can’t capture this rapper from this present day backwoods
To the depths of antiquity no one can get with me
I used to battle Socrates rockin these same styles
Inventor of math and science, holdin my style
Showin defiance to the gangsta jargon you barkin
Metaphysically sparkin in psyche when mic’s in my face
Compile salt-peter to blow up the place
A striver, I’m the MacGyver of the black race
The unforgettable prestigious speeches
Manifested by the northwestern regions

[Hook 2X]

7). Phesto 

We Silver Surfing over soundwaves, scalpin
Tickets to my show for twenty dollars more than face value pays
Curse my vowels on you holdin kids, marvel and gaze
I strip the tarnish off the microphone, sharp as a spade
Bring my plans to fruition, with intuition known to witches
The Hieroglyphic argonauts bombard the spot
With sandblasters, grand eloquence eloquent talented
Like balance beam medalists, the seismic
Hi fidelity poltergeist in your amplifiers
Bustin from the top like snipers, niggas hyper
Ventilate at the sight of the arch nemesis
When Phesto D walks the premises
I leave em mumma-fied like Tutan-khamun
With premonitions like Hyrahnomeus, device is incisive
And still be rockin the mic with arthritis
And blow the sleeves off your shirt, cause you’ll need a life vest
To survive this, any anonymous character
From Bay Area 51 to Copernicus
I’m turnin kids to concrete, or be impaled
On the stallic mic, with the slightest impulse
I’m hair trigger, explode and reconstitute with vigor
Put the mic in the depths, crane like The Vigilante
Manhandling, your crime family like Stan Lee
Branding niggas with the Hiero, symbol and
Adrenalin is, hallucinogenic
By the time the ambulance rolled up, the pharmaceuticals entered
They won’t be able to identify ya
Dental records on laser disk, CD, tape or vinyl
The Hiero, glyphics play the Iron Curtain
Drop the gavel on your gangsta babble and face the verdict

8). At the Helm

Life is a blast when you know what you’re doin
Best to know what you’re doin ‘fore your life get ruined
Life is a thrill when your skill is developed
If you ain’t got a skill or trade, then shut the hell up

[Verse 1: Del the Funky Homosapien]
My rhymes is like droppin your head on cement
Crackin’ it open hopin to make a dent; I’m hell-bent on
Resurrection, per-fection
Lesson #1: rekindle the essence
Rap ain’t about bustin caps and fuckin bitches
It’s about fluency with rhymin ingenuity
All of this is new to me, see I peep rhymes
With scrutiny, under a microscope I walk a tightrope
A thin line between insanity and sanity
Mixed with a little vanity, boostin the morality
With Hiero hospitality, soon to strike it rich
Like calories, salaries, ahh sounds like a plan
And, I will expand hip-hop as well
Might even kick a little impromptu, to stomp you
Weaklings, speaking things foreign to the human ear
That, you will fear now, whether you like it or not
Blood clots on your little life on the situation
And on the stipulations… the shit you wastin
Time on you pawns, it was planned like that
But we can fight back, like David Horowitz
And say we want no more of this
And put it in a cyrogenic status
Replace it with the latest in technology
Hip-Hop policies that demolish ya follies
Olly olly oxen free, get off of me
You can’t see this, your defeatist attitude’ll
Get you nowhere fast, I tend to my task cause

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Del]
Don’t even start on the next man, let’s scan
Your situation, you still have no patience
Flip on niggas, rob niggas, even family
All the way up to your moms — you can’t stand to be
In the house, but when you kicked out you beggin
To come back in then the same old skit happens
You say you rappin but you don’t know the essence
Just ho slap and bustin caps is your message
Plus every time I put some scrill down, you steal it
If that’s your way of teachin me a lesson I don’t feel it
Your raps reflect your life and that’s a shame
Cause the way you’re soundin, you must think that it’s a game
I can see if you came from the ghetto, but you came
From the Meadow — you really need to let that go
You got no respect for hip-hop, and you tryin to rhyme
Biding your time and I find it a crime
I even tried to bury the hatchet man,cause we all African
You wanna be a rapper? Start practicin’, you can’t even flow right
Spend most of your time fuckin hoes, getting in fights
Hangin out, with no mission in life
And you’re missing your life, and you’ll be missing out on life
I won’t sweat you for that G you stole
Cause if you’re still alive, I’ll be there to see you fold
Told ya!

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Del]
You could be a rapper, an actor, a gun clapper
A comedian providing laughter, as a bachelor
A pastor of a chapter, a doctor, a lawyer
A fireman, a hired hand, whether boy or girl
It’s your world. your future you control it
Whatever you do early on, is how you mold it
I record it, sold it, told it to you
Mr. Del wouldn’t tell you nothin that ain’t true, because


Think you’re able to label the Hiero sound?
You still haven’t found a comparable variable
You think you’re able to label the Hiero sound?
You still haven’t found a comparable variable
All you marks… YEAH!

This the freshest shit and you know it

9). The Last One 

Pump up the track some for your partner

Lets see how many rappers can go the length
Back in your system with extra strength
We eat emcees, outdo and surpass em
But what’s gonna make ya different than the last one?

Verse One: Casual
Boy you touchable
No need to get apologetic
Get your bottom dollar, bet it
Its your problem, I’m a let it
Alone, the High Priest on the microphone
Taking historical lyrical oracles to the dome
My rap is blessed, miraculous
In fact the impact is just, spectacular
Intact with the knack to bust butts
Need I discuss?
My rhymes make your brain freeze like slush
Or slurpees, with unpredictable bumps like herpes
Lets see if you can serve these superb emcees
All you thirty-third degrees
I’ve figured out history’s mysteries
My kinetic energetic poetic motion
Subsides your synthetic notion
Of being the best, fully pressurized
Back up off the microphones, I suggest, you guys

Chorus (2X)

Verse Two: Casual
I’m the epitome of shit we be trying to do
When we go and write a rhyme or two
You need some competition?
Boy, you better find my crew
We make clean cuts like a diamond do
Inclined in the mind
And the beat hit with perfect timing too
When I come to your community
I’m flexing diplomatic immunity
Protection connection
Legalize MP5’s just to tear up your section

Pep Love:
And this is what you must stay aware of
Hieroglyphics faction
Back in your system with extra strength
The eternal energy interaction
Got me developing quicker and
You in a predicament
Politicians still wishing we would take
Their prescription for death
Got my trigger finger itchin to grab the mic
Dishing the truth and the magic
Bust with magnum force
And advance forth

Chorus (2X)

Verse Three: Pep-Love
We got to fertilize the soil
Actualize the turmoil
Then sift through the facts and the lies
The world and the war is intense
But I remain relaxed in my intents and actions
My lyrics are bottomless pits
Now they got the red dot on us
Is it a hit?
We escaped every plot on us
Watch as we aviate on tape
And make a statement with what we create
Just wait til the tide break, or dust settle
My ? vibrate, and if I must bust metal
Adjust the level
Release the clutch of the devil
While I conduct this concerto
Traveling the ruckus to bring justice
Ring through abyss
And bliss’ll overwhelm you
(Now that we at the helm)
You don’t quit
We go into a realm you never been
And seldom conceived
Perfection achieved

Chorus (2X)

10). Tajai 

You best to watch yo knot if
The styles get chaotic
Niggas’ll plague me bubonic
But when I move on it
They stay free
Feet no hands at least
And say “Peace!”
Cause it’s lethal when released
Defending? Please…
Watch me slice these cheesy MC’s
With 5 ounces of milky smooth enrichment
Each encroachment’s intolerable
I’m too committed and these flows is volatile
Wither with other music in it and this
Industry in a sense is lost
And my only guidance is inner sense and energy
What I’m saying will bust your innards
That’s why implicating us as winners
There’s no mistake, emerging sole victorious
An urgency felt in every flow we bust
With surgeon reminiscent precision
Even around the contours, curves and incursions
We gettin in visual gettin busy
More so than Aunt Kizzy’s
More so than bout any MC that touch mics
What that look like, what that sound like?
I’ll give you a second
Cause ain’t no description sufficient
For how we wreckin on records I recommend
I rack and ruin all encompassable
With a position at our beckon and call
Butt naked ball, I bare it to yall
For you to stare at
Too bad if you can’t bear it, I’m gone
Out there

11). Oakland Blackouts 

“I don’t know what makes that, that’s why I need to you leave!
I’m very busy trying to discover a new science!” *echoes*

Yeahhh, beats like this you just can’t peep
It’s a natural, international, not that same ol’ shit
Get split in half, figuratively speaking take a bloodbath
When I run past MC’s, drop the mic like the Sunsplash
Is in Jamaica, the heart-breaka lyrics
Like a stake through your left pectoral your shit is horrible
I’m clean, like brand new Mo-Mo’s on a Porsche
And your shit is sittin on rims, let me begin
To elaborate, rings on his hands like each finger was Saturn
And the latest fashions but the same patterns
Kept flashin up in his rap, concerned with, glamorous
Tales of fatalities like he was Tarantino
The analogy is that we know that Quentin write Fiction
Fantasies, woven intricately, while I’m predicting
Every motion, them slight changes in your tone of voice
Is a toast to your parasitic choice of speak
Leakin cold blood out the arteries if you bit
Cause we done said it, you can’t configurate
Like the great Hieroglyphics resistance we incinerate
Lit it up, now I’m fin to cut
Peep the demonstration of uniqueness

[Del] It could be fatal wait’ll Del come back out
And act out emotions in Oakland Blackouts
[Opio] Don’t you ever forget, it could be fatal
Wait’ll O come back out, and act out emotions in Oakland Blackouts

[Del the Funky Homosapien]
Hurrah, here come Del to dispel the blahs
Cause and effect, pause for respect collection
Diction friction, depicting violence
Volatile with my profile, like Molotov’s
MC’s must be on auto-pilot, waddle silent
Like some platypuses, Del is down with data pushers
With top secret floppy disk and battle armor and Mecha
Plus all the rhymes that I’m bangin are double-decker, to check ya

Electri-fying, defying laws of gravity (what?)
Avidly rapidly firing lyrics I’m shattering
The abdominal cavity, then I’m travelling out the spinal
Finalizing your paralysis on the microphone(what?)
The catalyst is the capital L-I-N-D-S-E-Y
MC’s try to test but they mind gets blown

[Del] Don’t you ever forget, it could be fatal
Wait’ll Del come back out, and act out emotions in Oakland Blackouts
[Opio] Don’t you ever forget, it could be fatal
Wait’ll O come back out, and act out emotions in Oakland Blackouts

[Del the Funky Homosapien]
Ain’t no MC hurtin me, matter of fact you work for me
Havoc stricken palladiums made me numb
To anything you speak to desecrate the great Hieroglyphics
And with it goes the flows that chop egos, to segments
Behind the decimal points, I point backwards
When you lack words you toil but boil I coil clowns
All around, repellin sellin statues of wack groups
Statues for Hieroglyphic travellers
Any lackluster MC’s I mallet ya, right on your cranium crack it
Bust your teeth through your limbs and then tip you over
If you know of Del, well then
I ill constantly with consonants, followed by nouns and make
Mounds of manuscripts to whip challengers, that ain’t
Too talented, so before I reach my destintation
Let’s waste some MC’s for fun (yeah)
I understand the fans needs so I feed em smorgasboards
So they can gorge and MC’s can gouge they eyes out, from the teargas
Emitted from my tongue, leaving fans sprung
And for the crews who high-strung, eat dung (ewww)
They just gnats and ticks, bugging me (bzzzzzzz)
Hugging me nuts in a cuddly clutch, my
Hieroglyphic theory is validated by facts
Dilated the tracks, so they wide and fat
Violated the wax, but colonized the wise words
With more enzymes ten times nutritional
Unintentional, my flows just go there, yeah

[Opio] Don’t you ever forget, it could be fatal
Wait’ll Op come back out and act out emotions in Oakland Blackouts
[Del] Don’t you ever forget, it could be fatal
Wait’ll Del come back out and act out emotions in Oakland Blackouts
[Opio] Don’t you ever forget, it could be fatal wait’ll Souls come back out
And act out emotions in Oakland Blackouts
[Del] Don’t you ever forget, it could be fatal wait’ll ? come back out
And act out emotions in Oakland Blackouts
[Opio] It could be fatal… wait’ll Cas come back out
Time to scam all you MC’s
[Del] Yeahhh, yeah, it could be fatal
Wait’ll Pep and Jay-Biz come back out, hahaha
[Opio] YouknowhatI’msayin? … Just wait

*cut and scratched* “My rhyme will remain Hieroglyphic”

12). Mics of the Roundtable

Yeah, Hieroglyphics crew, ya don’t stop
What? Hieroglyphics crew, ya don’t stop

Intro/Chorus: repeat 2X

All nightin, all dayin, crusadin
Invadin, tryin to find out who’s Satan
Hieroglyphics on the conquest, move makin
For the holy mic you takin

A man dies once, but a coward dies a thousand deaths
Man you must know how to step with no power left
Those words are words of the prophetess of the powerless
As she professed, we became incensed, set up on a quest
Totally entrenched in every flow that we dispensed
Any foe’ll be a cinch, cause we know that we been sent
By the divine, universal mother and father to rhyme
You pre-millenium MC’s are far behind
So we off to find, the holy mic it’s only right
Hieroglyphics mics of the round table can hold it tight
Keep it stable, collectin, scriptures and secrets
Projectin the cohesive, beam like graviton
With the avalon, Hiero is dope ask God
And evil-doers on the mic you have done your last fraud
This ain’t no practical joke, or anti-factual hoax
But something each breath in my avioli sacs’ll promote
Opposing MC’s will be stomped in the process or taken hostage
Until it is accomplished and you can’t stop us
Draw down the drawbridge, cross the moat, let’s go
Hieroglyphics adventures in the Twilight Zone


Rumor has it, in a far away land
The enemy’s partly a devil and he’s partly a man
Now we, on a crusade, and I, got a new blade
From the blacksmith, plus some chainmail that fits my frame well
Three Knights walking, Knights stalkin for the Holy Mic y’all
Sun up to night fall
Despite all efforts from the sacreligious interlopers
Mountains, snows, swamps, even bridges we will venture over
We were amazed it took
Only a mere, three hundred sixty days on foot
Now we, better be brave ‘fore we enter the cave
If we don’t our people will either be dead or be slaves

I’ve got a, vague, feeling he’s here somewhere
Feeding off rage, villiany, tears and fears
Hob nobbin with Hobgoblins, drinkin blood out of golden goblets
Waitin for us to throw the gauntlet
And start some conscience, so it can locate then squash us
Lest we stay cautious, remembered our spells
Only kept the strongest on parchment
Excellent swordsman and marksmen
Who’s souls have been tarnished, but still escaped the demon’s harness
Treading intrepantly upon a course
So many mornings, noons and nights no snoozing
Following the Northern Lights
Does this Holy Mic, really exist?
Or is it I’m risking my life, following visions?
The Knights got my back, original is black
I keep thinking that, it strengthens my attack
We blaze the final sack, tribuning, then start up the stone stairs
To the inner sanctum, to do our duty

[Phesto D]
We’re prepared to shed blood and die as mortals for the Round Table
If we just happen to get slaughtered, depart our coil deep in soil
Her royal highness was boiled alive in turpentine
Right in line with the serpentine skirt, she died cursed
The whole Oligarch was torn apart before the Dark Ages eclipsed the planet
So the Holy Septum known as the microphone would be in sole control
We’d unfolded the scroll that told us where to go
Through the mongols, the concrete jungles
Slipped in The Man From UNKLE, was swashbuckling
Beat shuffling, acrobatic attack with titanic force
Back and forth, trading slashes and gashes
The torch dwindled, then rekindled with flashes
Right again, then I put my scimitar right up in em
Venom is like a scorpion sting, retrieve the age old relic
Now, I’m back to the Round Table…


Hieroglyphics crew, ya don’t stop!
Hieroglyphics crew, ya don’t stop!
Yeah, we shall continue!

13). See Delight 


[Pep Love]

I’m about as swift as lightning greased


And I’m cold like Sub-Zero feel the deep freeze


We the ones that make you feel right
You need to open up your eyes and see delight


I’m at ease when I’m next to my keys
Not the narcotic
The Ensoniq ASR-X is my symphonic weapon
Stepping to these creations is like attempting to scale the Appalachian
It’s damn near impossible
Without rigid preparation and lots of pull
Profound lyrics spit into mics
Irresistible to bite on stage
The instrumental incites the freestyle
Fake MC’s bust written raps
Pupils dilatin
Agonizing forgetting raps
While I’m shining intensely
Reflecting off the Hieroglyphic shield
For real
Reinventing hip hop

[Pep Love]

Open up your eyes and see delight [delight fades]
You better open up your eyes and see delight [delight fades]

[Pep Love]

It go, Cancer the crab is my zodiac sign
F.L. is the crew, I’mma let my light shine
We multi-faceted, feel good pharmacist at this
Now listen to the lyricist cease
And desist so we can leave em deceased
If not stressed till they suicidial
I ingest the mic
Just a test of sound
If I impressed, see delight on my face
In the place of mess
First Light
The recipe for Saucee, serves you right
You can ask Martini and Rossi
You don’t wanna grapple with that bullshit
I’ll pull a rabbit out my hat if I wanted trick

[Pep Love]

Open up your eyes and see delight [delight fades]
You better open up your eyes and see delight [delight fades]


What are you doing?
You’re confused like a hermaphrodite
Rapping like this one or that one won’t get you capped at night
Or shanked in the morning sun
At the venue
If you continue to disregard these warnings

[Pep Love]

Running into some problems
Mic to mic, you must resuscitate
Life in your mental state
Trife when we infiltrate
Tonight the light is felt


Like encountering an asteroid belt
You gets pelted, welted up
Face is green like a Celtic or Wimbly stadium
Center court
No back support
You just a gelatin skeleton
Lyric like a elephant tranquilizer
Impeding your development

[Pep Love]

I’m runnin amuck, dumb fucks
And gunning ’em up
They awe-struck by the light like deer
Game for the hunter, predator
Ready to taste blood
So blaze up a blunt and pass that shit here


Yeah, they need light like photosynthesis
Biting sentences
Witness to thee inventiveness
That you can’t resist
Painful like a pistol whipping

[Pep Love]

Niggas is tripping they get dissed
I mind my business which is this
Ripping microphones
Scratching suckers off my list
With speed
A level that you can’t exceed
I give the people what they want
You need to take heed



You know


First Light

14). Pep Love

[Pep Love]
Now for the record, I’mma professional
Making my word known, dropping over the metronome
Hopping over the norm to the rank of the Prose
Taking you on a journey to where civilization arose
The nine principles of Hieroglyphics lore exist to be
Those that added a twist to hip hop history
Excelling that swelling at a rate
You can’t hold back, might as well collaborate
And make it better forever and never ceasin’
At least, I’m gonna do what I wanna do
And get my piece of the pie
This Hieroglyphic high priest speaks from my third eye
Never learned nothing from Greece
It’s easy to bite and steal
But once you come amongst those with heightened skill
You get frightened
Mics and the likes of me
Create ice in the hearts of the average MC
And with my counterparts
My thoughts are massed to the juggernaut force
You better not horse around with, come and get drowned
In the rhythm I found
And stuck wit it through the thick and thin
While some just withered away
I’m in this for permanent prominence
Turning it out, my presence is ominous
Blessed in my destiny rest in each
Syllable and the particular way it dress the beat

15). Off the Record 

Whooh! Yeah
It’s the ones you know about
The famous, magnificent Hieroglyphics, mega
Always on the mic for MC’s who really don’t know what we doin
It’s time to do it up
We got Cas, we got Del, we got Tajai, we got A-Plus
C’mon y’all, PLEASE can we get busy??

I put my pencil to the paper and watch lighting strike
Casual, the innovator, in a state of advancement
MC scolder, breakdancin on the lake when it freeze over
So much game, I told her I’m a disease holder and I still hit it
Bust a nut in her eye and made her deal with it
The straight bump, y’all, yeah you best agree
Whatever that sess do don’t let you come next to me
Mentally, I’m compatible with Macintosh
And I can get a nigga’s bitch in the sack with floss
Hop on the microphone
Actin lost, unaware, unprepared
Then I bust off the top
And niggas get scared

[Interlude one]
Uhh, now I told y’all I wasn’t playin
It’s Hieroglyphics in here
Now that’s Cas, now you know that’s how it was, That’s How It Is
We bout to do it with my next man, A-PLUSS

A to the, Plus must do ya, bust through ya
Defenses with lyrics mentally muscular
Holdin down like cement shoes, to make you drown right
This is what we do if we the crew you sound like
I can’t stand a person bitin someone’s creativity
I have so many styles that you can take one as a gift from me
It’s like deja vu whenever you pop they tape in
Lyin more than Satan, fallin off like they was ice skatin
Trying to get they mic taken, you get scolded
And chastized, my holy mic, is baptized
Givin flatlines to you rap guys and still send you
Back with black eyes, on the mic you telling fat lies

[Interlude two]
Now if I’m the teacher
I gotta give that a A-Plus youknowhatI’msayin?
Now let’s make room for the man, the myth
The Great-Great-Granddaddy of Hieroglyphics, Del

[Del the Funky Homosapien]
Hold up, stop the presses, this just came in
Del’s done it again, you gotta get his name in
He’s, infallible in battle flows and battle royals
Collects all the spoils of soiled celebrities
Shape my fantasy as the form, lyrical odyssey
It’s not modesty, I show my ass for all to see
Polishin wax with facts sharp like tacks
To stop your heart like cracks
Rip, apart the tracks

[Interlude three]
Na-na-na-na-now you know that’s self explanatory
Now we bout to get busy with my man Tajai
Break out your notebooks and your pads
Listen real closely to what this brother has to say

I kick the, ? like dialect
It’s sacrilege, steppin in the sanctuary of the sacrosanct
Do not desecrate acquiesce
Before I dessicate all your flows and leave you dry as bones
It’s awful how I decimate, but also awesome
People say that they saw something they cherished they lives long
When I expectorate upon a song
To be honest number one’s what I expect to rank
Not for just the crown jewels or scepter
Out for justice, and exposition of the rest as jesters
With they lackluster compositions
Suckers in estrus, thinkin that Heiroglyphics won’t fuck you?

[Interlude four]
Oh my goodness, I told ya
Once again, it’s Hieroglyphics
We got the smooth lineup, Tajai, A-Plus, Del, Casual
They just to’ it up, forget about it, leave it alone
It’s Hieroglyphics from here on out
You don’t know what you’re doin
And me, I’m the Extra Prolific, Whiz Kid
Y’all can’t mess with this, leave it alone
Drop ya pen, it’s time that we go on
Let us alone y’all, can’t fade this
You know how we do it..

16). A-Plus

Yes, yes, yes; yes

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
Aha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
Aha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha


Hoo Hoo!!!

Shit, shit

Only so much is critical
In my relation to the individual
I remain hieroglyphical, ripping it fo’ (who?)
Fans appreciating, flows, not depreciating
I’ll try not to keep you waiting, but I can peep you hating
The situation so degrading, and pitiful
So many butt ass tapes out man, so much shit to do
I bid to you MC’s, step, if you think you got the room
I sock it to ’em
Like a flamer getting his ass beat in the locker room for peeking
You’ll never forget the day I sent you there
To intensive care
On the respiratory, get some air
Breathe deeply
Listen to advice, you need beats see
Plus skills you missing on the mic
It’s like something about my rational and analytical lobes!
To make me gifted with flows!
That’ll get ripped fa’ sho!
On the mic I never act like I was born hard
Telling lies for cash or selling my ass like a porn star
In Cali, the jealous rally in hundreds
We went from signed to independent
And they offended cause they ain’t done shit (Busters)
But we in though, popular like indo, in the “O”
Where they throw your weak ass tape straight out the window

Cause it’s weak as fuck
I want my money back
Wack ass shit
Shit hella butt
Hella butt

17). After Dark 

Pep Love
Hieroglyphics y’all, what?
The mic’s on you! After dark

Chorus: Pep Love

After dark, is gripping season
After dark it might happen for the wrong reasons
After dark, and it don’t cease
Until the break of dawn, I shoot the breeze

[Pep Love]
In the heat of the night… what you gon’ do?
After dark… yeah!

Why don’t you come into, what I’m into
Slip into darkness, and listen, I rhyme monumental
Never I fault or halt or alt-er my ulterior
Assault to inferior thoughts are feeble!
In the process the party people wobble
But it don’t fall down, and it won’t stall now
Beware, the boy’s bad after seven
When the lights go click my mic injects nitro
Into my bloodstream, I get to gushing
Cold crushing lyrics so much reach out and touch things
Unexplored, from hits to flops that plummet
The synopsis is we rock this shit
Day and night, but it gets intense
To extends a pleasure unmeasurable when I’m layin pipe
In domes, protected, by the microphone
When night fall I fall in my zone and it’s on

Chorus 2X

[Pep Love]
I see the moon and get hectic like the ocean
Who that in the back causing commotion?
Draped in black, killer on the attack
Around the time the hoes hit their stroll and the pros mack
I don’t know how to act, so give me a smack
On the blackhand side telling me that I’m intact
It is the, charisma, that gets ya paid
But flame me this is when I got ta vic ya
It never rains in the Northwest
We profess to be the best the rest can Rest In Peace
Cause night time is the right time
For the Hieroglyphic icons to drop bombs

Chorus 2X

That’s how we rock the mic
Hieroglyphics imperial!
After Dark, the sun ain’t shinin
Trail of blood
Mind power, the next level, night time

[Pep Love]
After dark, you see the joint sparkin
Dogs, barkin territory that I’m markin
Cannot be, walked upon
Or your worst fear will be embraked upon
I’m bringin armaggedeon to your chest, and you know the rest
Is history, like Rapunzel’s, golden tresses
I, couldn’t care less about a nigga in a vest
I was shootin for the knees makin him dance and plead
For me to put em out they misery, my word wizardry
Is a dream you had about, you was coming clean
When you woke up, your heart broke up, be dawn
Leaving you with the reality that the day goes on, until

Chorus 2X

[Various talk, fade]

18). Opio 

Yeah, yeah
What’s goin down

S.O.M., where we at?

How we do, verse like

I ignite the microphone to a scorching ball of fire
Light up the sky with the olympic torch wire
Tapped to the console, then I’m high rolling
With the diamond tipped drill lyrics, straight from Oakland
Don’t get too comfortable your lungs will fill with fluid
Cause I’m tunneling through your bulletproof, at the speed of lightning
Move right left, swing diagonal you still gets tagged so
Acting on impulse results in disaster (yeah)
I’m like chance, I come unexpected
Like a glance down the barrel of a AP-9, I’m mind blowin
Potent like crystal methane
It’s insane to try me but still niggas attempt
They body goes limp, then they brain starts trembling
Dissasembling they physical makeup and mental health
Gettin one step closer to oblivion your chest begins giving in
There’s no avenging your death on the microphone

19). No Nuts 

Del meister, bout to heist the hijacking, come back
Listen to this, peep it

The transfixer, reprimand your bland fixtures
Replenishing, with my menacing sentencing
Up inside this, oblige with guidance
From the funk expanding, verb try as
I glance upon the multitudes of weak and seek
To organize concentration camps, so they can get lobotomized
Feels so bad, you feel sodomized, time for words to be colonized
To keep regards tall in size, erecting the best things in life
My flows, composed of foes as, my enemies cheese in my face
And embrace my palm,I’m hella stern, but my face is calm
Keeping the hip-hop scene vibrant, I come alive with good tide
It’s fine and MC’s silent, milestones in Hiero history
Led you wishin’ we was never released, at least
Even if our demo tapes, add to the myth of Hiero’s gifts
Those that don’t agree, is just pleading the Fifth
Proceeding to inscript the code, that makes your brain overload and implode
Too much imagination, got you facing defeat
Quit rhyming, cause you wasting the beat
It’s Del with my diabolical follow-ups and logged to augmentative tales
That keep your mind tensing, with interest and that was just an entrance


Save it, put it in your pocket for later
It’s all greater, I’mma do you a small favor
Deliver what we call beta, for ya’ll and your neighbors
With Del on the mic, and Rob on the fader
Wait up, hold up, Hiero got it sewed up
You know what, Del is coming through with the cold cuts
Competition shouldn’t have even shown up, with No Nuts
We robust, Del is coming through with the cold cuts

[Pep Love]
The coldcuts
Make the whole planet panic and when it blows up
I hit’em again and again, trust no one
The Hieroglyphic mics, have been desecrated by the likes of them
And I don’t know about that diplomatic shit
I rather let it just crank, when niggas be on the dick, like a nympho
I murder ’em, like hurdling obstacles
It cause holocaust, all I got is word and balls
I’m hot pepper, that you don’t wanna taste to see
So just watch me lace the beat, gracefully
And ain’t a nigga got a thang to say
My broken language slay niggas, that came this way, aimlessly
My automatics spray, wreak havoc and mayhem
If you got something to say, come to bay
And get it off your chest, then put it to rest, another competitor bested
Ready to, just shut the hell up, develop your skill, and get enveloped still
With my nigga Del up to bat, turn yellow belly and lilly livered
We delivered the Russian Roulette, you never know it might get you wet
I’ll make a issue out of that bitch, you turned to diss (WHO)
Thee invincible, Hieroglyphics crew
I’ll grab that ass by the braid and shock you, like Raiden
Wash your mouth out with dick, and keep skating pass
The irrelvant punk that pump fiction, but no, he don’t want no friction
I got a mic addiction, that I don’t wanna kick
Mine’s are original rhymes, that are three-dimensional
Inching up to the pinnacle and cranking my engine up
And then I’m out, with the middle finger up
And a perpetual “S” on my chest, just to let you know
We still the best


Save it, put it in your pocket for later
It’s all greater, I’mma do you a small favor
Deliver what we call beta
For ya’ll and your neighbors
With Pep on the mic and Jay on the fader
Wait up, hold up, Hiero got it sewed up
You know what, Pep is coming through with the cold cuts
Competition shouldn’t have even shown up with No Nuts
We robust, Pep is coming through with the cold cuts

20). Del 


Drop some new shit on ’em them
Let’s drop some new shit on ’em


Drop it on ’em Cas


Some brand new new shit


Yeah, this D-E-L in the house
And Hieroglyphics crew
Down wit’ Matt Kelly, A-Plus, Domino
Man, we about to kick this little shit right here on my down time on the
Check it out

MC’s is too promiscious so if you fuss
I’mma be the next to bust and take you on the Exodus
Checklist, ain’t nobody next to us
Step to us and get reduced to a speck of dust
Fuck the hellala detectives with they secret societies
We speak wit’ variety
So stand back
Before you caught in my sand traps
Hilarious you better vary it, you bury it
Go along with your merriment
Hiero getting ever cent
And we earned it, and burned it
In your brains like brands
And now, everyone demands
Del and his entourage and you can all get squashed
He mosh it up, we mega and vicious
Fuck the whimsical misteral
We stiffed through competitors and regulate
And make you hesistate you better wait
Time to set it straight
You never take a flow for granted
Cause what you ain’t peeping
Is equal to what we call “sleeping”
Slumbering and fucking cumbersome
Keep the tabs on them tongues
And let the bomb numb your lungs
The zany novelist
The tactical graphical
With lyrics for capital
After you, high speed chase
To erase
All existing life forms and drive ’em to free base



21). One Life, One Love 


Energy that we exchange is imperative
Intricate so simple
Life is the spirit and the body is the temple
One Life One Love
Tell me this are you prepared to live?
Energy that we exchange is imperative
Intricate so simple
Life is the spirit and the body is the temple
One Life One Love

All they seen was one hand bust through the white sand
Illuminating the land with liberation
And mysterious, ferociously, serious black man
Experience the urban warfare of fully strapped assault
As an angel hoping my benevolence will change you
Singing folklore of the poor
Natural born warrior
Since the days when Spain was ruled my the Moors
Then again, before your existence
The presenter of the mystics
Geometry, trigonometry statistics
It’s simplistics embedded in my bloodline
Just like the pain of my forefathers
The chains of slavery remains
Behaviors we obtained in days that we were slained and tortured
Tormented and scorned
Shackles on my feet, feeding me pork
Lashes on my back, lost my family
Not to belittle the middle passage calamity
I gotta make decisions
Cause I keep havin’ visions of flight bombingpoliticians
On some midnight marauder missions
It gets harder
They shut down your energy, cut off your water
Close the gas station, food supply shortened
Dying of starvation and smoke inhalation
I’m coming realer than you fairytale killers
We disciplined, that’s why no militias can get with us
Sure, shot hit us from a thousand meters away
All day

Tomorrow, what you gonna do?
Your past is haunting you
You know what, I’mma tell as I’m sipping on this brew
You know it’s wrong and true
So what you gonna do?
The truth is long overdue 2X

I’m talking bout
Demolitions, ammunition
No more propositions or petitions
Seditions met with lynchings and whippings
But they won’t crush my wishes into submission
Foresight courtesy of 3rd Eye Vision
Tells me hit ’em
Get ’em before they first force strike
Meet in the black of the night
Dodging ghetto pterodactyl lights
Bring the full gats and precious metals if you true dat
Get wise with medical supplies
Conceptualize and plan
Or get caught with your ass wide open
And not get to ask
“Why”, I’m hoping you hear
And I’m hoping your here
For the millenium season opener
I keep ample degrees up my sleeve
For brothers who no longer breathe
No reprieves
Nothing but memories to retrieve
Black babies disease
Stomachs distended, arms out stretched
For any care extended
This is the flock to which I am attended
But I’ll do it
I’m committed, commending
All commandants vowing to be uncommon
Fuck the promenade
Underground and granite-strong, granted
The path is jagged and long
And we look raggied
But I want more than this wall at my back in days
Back we would have been mobile
It’s time to make power moves
And put the all in all-powerful, all in all
I can’t close my eyes
And I would be a coward too
And so would you, so sir
Are yor scared?, no sir
I see answers to irradiate
Eradicate this cancer
They won’t catch me playing patty cake with hands up
You might catch me spraying
But I think you better get them flight masks up


I’m ready

[Pep Love]

Yeah, ah huh
One Life One Love
Tell me this are you prepared to live?



I’m ready
I’m ready

22). Miles to the Sun 

I don’t know what you’ve been told
But when we rippin the mic taking total control
Just heed, pay attention, read, the inscription
Our definition is the shit when we rock
We got, 93 million 5 thousand flows
And heres one more

Yeah I burn a gram and landscape on yo tape
Intricate like a diagram of the universe
They can’t devastate, levitate, featherweight
Rappers who got separation anxiety
That’s why they try to be just like the “H” to the third eye “RO”


A nigga liable to flip
Make your pulse skip
Wide eyed surprised
So shocking when we choppin choking talking
For profit avoiding rocking stocking mass robbin
And voided got you like we imported butplease..

[Pep Love]
Don’t get it distorted
Just splash in the music and absorb it
Hieroglyphics crew into orbit
We gotta motivate
Elevate through the skies
Hell if it ain’t a big surprise
How we dematerialize
Then reappear right in front of your eyes
You reach out but it’s light years away

Back again with the reincarnation
The awakening
You making green but you ain’t causing storms in the underground
Fuck around get wiped cleaned from the slate and wonder how
Now you miles from the sun
Paranoid and carry a gun
Scared to death on the run

With no destination
And no nutts with no hesitation
The bonus bestowed beckoning those who know us
To get to checkin’ it and oppose the onerous decadence
Infecting the music we grown upon
And that’s sho enough
It’s shown up and shined up
Sidewinders is sewn up your times up

[Pep Love]
Mine’s just beginning and I’m intending to infinitely exist like this
Taking it to another dimension
Discovering I got style with a twist consistently
Distant from the brother uttering other nonsenses
We gotta keep ya braincells fluttering

I don’t know what you’ve been told
But this will unfold again the distance
And heed, pay attention, read the inscription
We giving the night the day, how many miles away?

93 million 5 thousand flows and heres one more X3


At centigrade we blaze the stratus
We suddenly combust spontaneous
Till niggas need a bomb shelter
When I unveil the microphone
Tapping your spine like your ’bout to
Break water
The kinetic poetic lyrical archer with phonetic marksmanship
Splittin moving targets apart with
Aero dynamic rhymes from the barrel leaving your mic sterile
Paralyze while I send you muppets
By the quintuplets with your tuxedos and cufflinks
Blush and mabeline, get rushed disablin me to rock the show
Is not an option so
It just don’t stop

[Pep Love]
Listen my mind zooms releasing toxic fumes
Developing each track each line consumes
Sucka emcees in a feeding frenzy
You ducks are in season
Up against P
The immanent threat veteran
That set trends
Getting intimate with yo bitch feminine itch
Style that are not appreciated on this side
Im all in it like a tick for blood
When I collide to the top
Its heavier than a riptide
I demolish the arena when I’m seen
Obscene things are done
Than after I rat a tat tat
So Swiss cheese emcees I burn them with rap degrees

I don’t know what you’ve been told
But when the beat proceeds you need to keep close
And heed, pay attention, read, the inscription
We living this life to stay, they’re many miles away

I don’t know what you’ve been told
But when we rippin the mic taking total control
Just heed, pay attention, read, the inscription
Our definition is the shit when we rock
We got

93 million 5 thousand flows and heres one more [x4]


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