Level 3 (2013)

Scott’s Selection: 9/25/16 – 10/1/16

Theme: Northeast US

Band: The National

Release Date: 8/6/2013

Runtime: 39:00

Label: Prosthetic Records

Track Listing:

1). Rebirth – 5:05
2). Adrift I: A Vision Begins – 3:55
3). Cosmos: The Pattern Forms – 3:21
4). A Glimpse of Omniscience – 4:36
5). Adrift II: A Vision Ends – 4:17
6). The Escapist – 4:45
7). The Dictator – 2:50
8). The Artist – 4:59
9). Awaiting – 0:43
10). Transcendence – 4:29


1). Rebirth

Reforming, I awake.
No longer bound by the second dimension.

What is this form, this body?
Feel the anguish of life course through me.
Unfamiliar these senses,
this third dimension.
And so it begins…

I open my eyes,
I try to gain focus.
Color spectrum flowing with smooth gradients.
Depth perception laid out in grid form.

I awake
Strewn out before me
is a world collapsed.

Now I stare at cold reality.
I’m conscious, awakened.
Now I see a distorted,
shattered screen.
It reads, “ERASING”.

2). Adrift I: A Vision Begins

Lay askew,
the image of man.
Everything’s in ruins.

Geometric structures..
The image of man..
Lay askew, in ruin.

I raise my hand towards a still-luminescent structure.

Reflecting, refracting
the red orb as it rises.

Orbs of light and matter swirl and collide.
Matter’s destroyed before order is formed.

3). Cosmos: The Pattern Forms

Cosmos in cold hard flux.

Consciousness spread first in the seas.
The smallest elements came to breed.
Increasingly complex this life became.
The universe reflected in its ways.

Consciousness waits,
the stars do not.
The pattern forms:
What becomes of this?
Consciousness waits,
the stars do not.
The pattern forms:
Each step more dense in connection.

4). A Glimpse of Omniscience

We learned to create
to teach, to love and to hate
control each other

We mapped the lands,
charted the seas.
The divisions multiplied
The lines dividing

“I know one way for all” he said.
We let go of control to be led.

5). Adrift II: A Vision Ends 

Focus flows

Everything comes rushing back into perspective

The vision dissipates
senses return to my body
and back to this vessel..
this body..

In the distance I can see a monument.
I start toward it.
Liquid creates a barrier between that point and I.

6). The Escapist 

Outside the physical realm
Immersed in the virtual ether
Dimensions devoid of consequence
With a solution to every problem

It’s meaningless.
Exploring perception,
observing intentions.
Who defines meaning?
Who defines?
Immersion in virtual worlds to escape unmalleable reality.

Out of their minds,
into their eyes
came the worlds of their creation.
Free of imperfection:
Utopia in virtual space.
“Why is this reality of any less value?
Your world is one of death
destruction and false belief.
You could be free.
We could be..”

“But why is this reality of any less value?
Would you choose a crude existence?
We could be free.”

7). The Dictator 

Escape to the worlds of their creation,
staying distracted from reality,
their mind’s eye shut.

“Protect them from the knowledge of their nature.
Feed them our delusion.”

Dynamic equations of order and chaos will prove the rule.

8). The Artist

Always seeking solace in the physical.
I do implore:
Is there more to what we are?
No answer satiates my urge…
Clinging, scraping toward comfort

Would you prefer the answer or the question?
Possibility or permanence?
A process cycling or a predetermined path?
Pure reality or augmented?

Is this progress
or a cycle that I am bound to repeat?

Always on the edge of something beautiful.
Limitless in vision
I’m at war with what they say we are.
We are more.

They forgot the forms of the physical
and the world they did not create
Lost beneath their works,
collective consciousness no longer heard.

9). Awaiting 

Awaiting the axiom verge
the world of your mind’s eye before you

10). Transcendence 

A discovery in perspective
in judgement we are seeking
an open-mind-advance.

Triangulate your story:
it’s a construct of your mind.

Transcending the axiom verge
the world of your mind’s eye devours you.

This can’t be the end
there has to be more.


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