Evolution Purgatory (2004)

Jared’s Selection: 9/4/16 – 9/10/16

Theme: Power Metal

Band: Persuader

Release Date: 2/2/2004

Runtime: 46:54

Label: Noise

Track Listing:

1). Strike Down – 4:42
2). Sanity Soiled – 5:13
3). Masquerade – 4:51
4). Godfather – 4:33
5). Turn to Dust – 5:10
6). Passion/Pain – 4:30
7). Raise Hell – 4:39
8). To the End – 3:56
9). Fire at Will – 4:27
10). Wipe Out – 4:53


1). Strike Down

I don’t care for riddles unspoken
March to the cross and believe
My faith is never ending
Now assail the creation of life

No one there to welcome
A bright light, on deserted plain
Your God is absent
And heaven abandoned
We’ll find a place where we’re no strangers

Past revelation, my true dominion

Strike down this fierceful entity
They stand their ground or they run
Won’t cease the morning sun
Cause we stole heaven from the earth

Harsh, demeaning, endless seeming
This was all I was given
One fatal last mistake
The word of remorse came too late

We’ll find our way there
And then return
We’ll bring the fire and the storms

2). Sanity Soiled

So what’s left, when all is said and done
Who would deprive us our right to be
Lunacy unbound
But in the shadows eyes still lure
Awaiting every chance to set us free
Free us from our sanity

Trapped again, haywire jaws
Lashing at us sinners
With broken fangs and claws

Fragments of pain will return
My life’s too precious to sacrifice
To this darkened world
You’re my nameless god
Earth you walked for infinity
Shattering my everything

You know it ain’t right
You know it ain’t so
There’s gotta be more to life than you know
Break the chains and see the light again
Maybe you’ll beg, maybe you’ll pray
Maybe there’s more to life than decay
Trade your soul for one more day

Finally, my swarming soul is free
But every time your mind is set on me
You’ll be afraid to die
Sends shivers up my spine

A feeling weaker
Than your need to control
So much is asked in silence
My hands are soiled with blood
Your world spawned through violence
Evolution purgatory

3). Masquerade

As the hours are turning into days
I pinch my skin, not sure that I’m awake or dead
Emotions carved in stone, we are
Sons of the morning, daughters of the day
Buried and fading

No more charades
Love – a masquerade
Another day to spend in silence
Another way to do your wrong
So many open wounds
That’re never gonna heal
This is the time, the place, the hour
Set me free

Sanity reformation, the shape I can’t resist
I close the door and open up the next
I’m crawling back to nothing
In Hell I’m doing you right
Wicked and cold
The break of dawn relieves demise

Fading illusions
A dream I can’t forget
Remembrance not enough
I’ll end it here right now
Let’s have some Armageddon
The ashes of what was
Brings the torments to enslave

4). Godfather

Mesmerize my existence
No one knows and never will
Ignorance brought me pleasure
So the seven deadly sins

Hear me and my calling
Receive my prophecy
Know the pure face of evil
The truth will set me free

It dwells within your heart
A dark desire
Your love turns to hate
Now follow me forever

I am the persuader
I serve not the human race
Unleash the final fire
And crucify the lie

Cast down, onto earth
Our wings from us they stole
Though deceit feeds on both sides
We will crawl for him no more

Fear thee, one and only
Not held by leash and chain
Skies will burn, and mark our return
You’ll die in vain

Reflect on the fallen
An assembly of hate
I’m your reaper
Godfather of evil

5). Turn to Dust

Firelit stairs take me deep beneath
The overworld I no longer miss
Choice between the fist of a demon
And the seduction of an angel’s kiss

In sickness, in health
Shooting up the stealth
Wrath and desire of the ancient
Carnage – be done, that lit the sun
Behold – the black star rising

Wearer of horns, bringer of pain
Tearing up my soul
A passionate provider
My heart is where the pain grows

You turn your face away
Another sleepless night
Dark clouds descending
With them a precious sight
Another place foretold
A palace for the frozen
Pray for the trust
True to the soil
Believers turn to dust

Cold dry veins, your eyes open wide
Pleasance of light is gone
Always lack of persistence
The neverending chase is on

The fury – the rage
Locked up in a cage
Breaking the boundaries of existence
Terror and screams
Don’t know what it means
“You ignorant vultures, haunt me now”

Final deal set
The end of the line
Inject the paradise
No longer in control
Your life flash before your eyes

You’re sanctified

Blinded and drained by the fantasies and lies
The spark in your eye forever gone
Once strong but challenged by darkness and grief
The flame flickers weak and dies

Don’t share your lust

6). Passion/Pain

Another evening
Another night closes in
The young ones fall asleep
It won’t be long
Till our minds cease to be

Time for the final round
The walls are closing in on me
The sights won’t go away
It won’t be long
Your flesh will be ours

Set my desire free
It’s hard to see
When you’re watching through misty eyes

We’re searching for the cure
From time to time submit
No one is left untouched
And no one can escape

Our passion

Climbing higher now
Plain of distortion secured
The scene of our decay
Why interfere
Let the madness begin

Master – you know I am been waiting
There’s someone watching me
The pain won’t go away
Set me free

7). Raise Hell

False believer everything is sacred, so cynical
Your castle’s ground is shaking, but you bury your head in the sand
You think you’ve earned the privilege blessing, symbolic
Forcefeeding the lies
Mastering the arts

Our innocence
Nothing that lasts forever

Over and over again you drain my soul
One human’s loss, another’s gain
One for all and all for you alone
My mind is fractured
Denied are our lives

Our innocence
Nothing that lasts

No longer Me, Myself and I
I demand your obedience, so kneel
In this my world there is nothing but fear
I reveal the things you cannot see
Fire inferno
I’ll raise hell to be

Trust I sought, but you defied me, into darkness dive
The noble soul is resting
Safe within its hive
The image of you fades to black
How could we ever drift so far apart
In ruin lies my heart

Deprive me all you think is real
Come on, just laugh at my demise
As years were wasted on my youth
You slashed and burned my inner truth
I’ll lead my bullets to their burial ground
Right between your eyes

8). To the End

To be, to see
What lies beneath the surface
It dwells within your heart
A marriage made in flesh

Welcome to damnation
The passion in your eyes
An angel hiding within
So hard to realize
Sensations carved in stone
Are matters now postponed

Desire brings you down
I’m not your saint, nor your sinner
I’m just your devil

Too late I wake
There’s nothing left for me
So flash before me now
A sign of true belief
Awaiting the dreadful dead
The scoundrels and the hounds
Nothing stays the same
You world is crashing down
Closer to the end

Desire brings you down
I’m not your saint, nor your sinner

One more step and you’re in hell
Facing the fire
It’s not the last goodbye

Life is fading, sorrow’s waiting
But there isn’t only you
In the kingdom of the dead

Desire brings you down
I’m not your saint, nor your sinner
I push you off the edge
With two outstretched fingers
And my soul remains free
To the end

9). Fire at Will

Stalking the shadows in search for a dream
The dream of neon nightmares
From your guns they feed

A target selected
Coming up from behind

Now the light of the city, it triggers his mind
Behind corners lies the judgment so unkind

A target selected
Left is a body undead
So face it

No one knows the one who dies
It’s never to be told
Spinal chill
Fire at will

A will for more, printed to the core
Left is a body undead
Fire at will

The dawn approaches, it’s killing his lust
Beams of light ascend and penetrate his eyes
Every second you’re away, he’s falling

When the sun begins to fade, I’m mourning
And as the shadow kills the light, I’m burning
But the world won’t stop, it keeps on turning

10). Wipe Out

This world is trembling
The world is torn and bleeding
No hopes or promises
No one to lead us
Of mother nature, with might
We took control
The sounds of darkness
Can you hear the call

Embrace technology’s true faces (the poison or the cure)
By the weakness of man you made earth to your grave
I brought you the sun to find you burning
My innocence you shattered and denied
Armageddon wipeout

Our end closing in
Our time on earth expired
Like fools we celebrate
This downward spiral
We’ll find salvation through destruction
Bright, pure holocaust
An end to save us all

Pass your sense to me
Breathe again and never be the same
Awaiting resurrection
Now the time has come
Bring me back to life


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